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Before going to the market, we must first have a relatively complete home decoration plan, because there are thousands of products on the market, and countless are suitable for our own home

the first step is to formulate a preliminary decoration plan

before going to the market, we must first have a relatively complete family decoration plan, because there are thousands of products on the market, and countless are suitable for our own family. To achieve a targeted goal, we must have a plan. For example, we should understand the preferences of family members, determine the grade of decoration and what style we like. At this time, you can pay more attention to some household newspapers or magazines to see your favorite sanitary wares, building materials products, etc

the second step is to make a decoration budget in advance

home decoration is a bottomless hole, and how much money can be filled in, so we must make a budget before preparing for decoration. For example, the expenditure on major items such as flooring, sanitary products, furniture, household appliances, etc. should be determined according to their own economic strength. In addition, the budget is not only a rough estimate of the cost of various materials, but also the budget of some indoor decorations. Therefore, after understanding the market situation, we must have a slightly detailed budget

the third step is to find out the quality and price of materials furniture

decoration is a very trivial matter. There are dozens of materials that need to be understood in the decoration process, such as sand, cement, wire, water pipe, faucet, floor drain, floor, ceramic tile, latex paint, mud, wood board, keel, etc., and each material has a variety of brands to choose from. For similar products, the prices of high-grade and low-grade products are quite different, and the quality and performance are also quite different. Even if you don't need to buy some materials by yourself, you should at least understand the basic knowledge, or go to the market to have a look, understand the brand, and compare the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you should know the current price of solid wood furniture and the market of panel furniture, especially the price of furniture you like, as well as furniture style and fashion trend

Step 4: preliminary selection of decoration companies and building materials market

this is the most important step in the preparation work. Consumers should choose decoration companies, stores, building materials supermarkets, etc. It includes collecting recent home decoration company advertisements and understanding recent promotion measures; Collect the information of excellent decoration companies, and collect the blacklist of decoration companies with bad deeds, so as to know well. In the building materials market, we must make clear the specific location of each store or supermarket, and make clear the main business scope of various markets, and learn as much as possible about the promotional activities of the market. It is also necessary to actively inquire or consult with friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and experts about the product market in the market, and pay attention to brand products with high media evaluation

step 5: prepare tools for visiting the building materials market

due to the large passenger flow in the building materials market in peak seasons, when you are ready to visit the building materials market, supermarkets or furniture stores, you need to prepare some tools, such as a tape measure, which can be measured at any time to know well; A room type map can be compared at any time, or the shopping guide of the store can help determine the most suitable location for the products to be bought in the room; We also need a pen and a small notebook, which can record the specification, model and price of materials at any time for comparison

in addition, it's best to take a digital camera and take as many photos of your favorite styles and decorations as possible where you can take photos, so that you can study and use them for reference when you go home




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