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There are more and more problems caused by decoration. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of decoration. Green decoration mainly refers to the use of environment-friendly materials for house decoration. After decoration, the indoor environment can meet the national standards and is not harmful to health. It has three meanings:

1. The indicators of decoration materials comply with national regulations and are not harmful to health

2、 The materials used contribute to environmental protection (envi "onmentfriendly") 。 For example, choose regenerated forests, choose wood from regenerated forests rather than natural forests, use recyclable materials, and so on

3. Decoration design and construction are people-oriented: the decoration does not endanger the house structure, and the construction does not disturb the neighbors; The design style is simple, and you don't have to spend a lot of time on maintenance in the future

how to carry out green decoration

to meet the requirements of green indoor environment, we should pay attention to the design principles, design schemes, construction procedures, selection of decoration materials and indoor air quality inspection of indoor decoration:

1. Try to use indoor decoration and decoration materials that meet national standards in decoration, which is the fundamental to reduce the content of harmful substances in indoor air

2. When choosing furniture, you should choose famous brand furniture produced by formal enterprises. Families with conditions can leave the newly purchased furniture vacant for a period of time

3. The decorated room should not be moved in immediately, but should have a certain time (open windows for ventilation within three months!), Let the harmful substances in the material volatilize as soon as possible

4. Choose a formal decoration company, and try to purchase brand products for key materials

5. Advocate a simple and functional decoration scheme. Even if each material is a qualified product and is "green", it cannot ensure that the final decoration result is "green", because the harmful gas force emitted by a variety of qualified materials together, if it exceeds the carrying capacity of the room, it will also cause harm to residents. (internship editor fangzhiqiang)





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