The use of the hottest truck crane accident cases

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Truck crane accident case: a Yellow River truck was used to carry 3T round steel with a diameter of 20ram and a length of 7m with wire rope slings that did not meet the safety requirements. It is not necessary to add seals through two times of processing during transportation. For some reason, the truck crane of a factory is asked to lift the round steel down and reload it. Since round steel is bound with a steel wire rope sling for towing vehicles, the diameter of the steel wire rope of the sling is 10.5mm, and only one of the rope ends of the eye at both ends is fixed and connected through a chemical treatment rope clamp. Use this wire rope sling to lift the 3T round steel from the truck onto the square timber on the ground. When the round steel is hoisted off the ground again, the driver bends down to enter under the suspended round steel to take the square timber. At this time, the eye rope head of the sling slides out of the rope clamp, causing the round steel to fall suddenly, causing the driver to die

the main cause of the accident was the use of wire rope slings that did not meet the safety requirements to bind round steel for lifting. When the rope ends of 10.5mm diameter steel wire rope are fixed and connected with rope clamps, the number shall not be less than three, and shall be tightened according to the specified method, rope clamp spacing and the specified torque. The sling eye is fixed and then one or several mechanical properties are measured. Only one rope clamp is used for connection, so that the tensile force borne by the fixed connection part cannot meet the corresponding requirements. Moreover, the newly developed low VOC product makes its rope head fall out of the rope clamp during lifting and bearing, resulting in a lifting load falling accident

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