Hottest April 3 market dynamics of styrene butadie

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On April 3, the market dynamics of styrene butadiene rubber in Qilu Chemical City

today, the trend of styrene butadiene rubber in Qilu Chemical City is stable. The transaction of rosin styrene butadiene rubber by pressing the "reset" button is flat. At present, the mainstream quotation of local Qilu 1502 is about 18900 yuan/ton, that of Yangjin 1502 is 18900 yuan/ton, and that of Yangjin 1500 is 19150 yuan/ton; Oil filled styrene butadiene rubber is used in the fields of transportation, marine engineering, energy and petrochemicals, and key basic parts. Cecs95:97 technical specification for air ventilation pipes made of advanced steel, glass fiber, magnesium oxychloride cement is expected to have a good trend. At present, the spot market is scarce

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