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Trusteeship of agricultural machinery operations: lack of labor is no longer a problem

with the development of the new normal of agriculture, "who will farm" has become a social problem of widespread concern. In this context, multi land agricultural machinery professional cooperatives have effectively solved the problems of "who will farm" and "how to grow a good field" by adopting the methods of semi trusteeship and land circulation of farmers' land, and completed the exploration of a new model of modern agricultural cooperation

"trusteeship of agricultural machinery takes the lead, and migrant workers make more money..." in recent years, Mengcheng County, Anhui Province has gradually explored the "Mengcheng mode" of Trusteeship of agricultural machinery operations. Agricultural machinery professional cooperatives have become farmers' "agricultural machinery nannies" by providing farmers with "menu style", "safe and stable landing tube style" and other services, so that farmers can save money, worry and effort in farming, while realizing "farmers do not cultivate land, and their income does not decrease"

now is the season of wheat harvest. In Taomiao community, Xutuan Town, Mengcheng County, Wang Junqiang, Secretary of the general Party branch of the community and chairman of Taomiao Jinhua agricultural machinery professional cooperative, took the agricultural machinery trusteeship operation contract signed between the community agricultural machinery professional cooperative and farmers in the whole community, and dispatched machinery to rush in wheat according to the planting area of each household

"after trusteeship, I don't need to ask, the grain is directly pulled to the door of the house, and the field is planted with crops for Qingguang. In the past, it cost nearly 200 yuan per mu to find a machine to harvest and plant, but now it's only 90 yuan." Shaoyan, a villager, said that now trusteeship of land to Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives for collection and planting has saved money, labor and worry, and solved the worries of families like her who lack labor

Taomiao community has more than 10000 mu of land and 29 natural villages. In 2014, the community established a professional cooperative of Jinhua agricultural machinery, which purchased more than 30 harvesters and tractors based on the original harvesters in the community and the collective economy of the community. At present, all 2000 farmers in the community have signed agricultural machinery trusteeship contracts with Jinhua agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, with a contract area of more than 8000 mu. This year, due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, the wheat harvest area of the whole community has reached more than 90% in only three days

"After trusteeship, the people who go out to work can harvest and plant the crops without going home. For the poor households and poor households without labor, we also take special care to harvest their wheat in advance and bring them home. On the other hand, trusteeship is also very helpful to prohibit the burning of straw. After the wheat is harvested, the cooperative directly packs the straw out of the field with machinery, and finally sends it to the straw recycling company, which is convenient for planting crops and from The burning of wheat straw has been curbed at the source. " Wang Junqiang said

in Tuqiao village, less than one kilometer away from Taomiao community, Li Zhaowen, director of the village committee and vice chairman of Tuqiao modern agricultural planting professional cooperative, said that the land in their village was sown, applied, harvested, sold and settled in a unified manner, villagers took land as shares, and agricultural machinery was "fully managed". "All the land in our village has joined the society. According to the contract we signed with farmers, the minimum income per mu of land is 800 yuan per year. When the income is good, there are dividends. The villagers' income per mu was 1100 yuan in 2015 and 950 yuan in 2016." Li Zhaowen said that the circulation of more than 800 villagers in Tuqiao village consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. Chengdu is a member of the cooperative, realizing that "farmers do not grow land and their income does not decrease"

Mengcheng County has explored the "trusteeship mode of agricultural machinery operation" since 2015. According to the principle of "one village, one policy, precise design", villages have signed trusteeship agreements with agricultural machinery cooperatives according to the actual agricultural production, and cooperatives have signed operation contracts with farmers. Up to now, a total of 268 villages in 16 towns and townships in the county have carried out the whole process of Trusteeship of agricultural machinery socialized services. The trusteeship area under the agreement has reached more than 2 million mu. 282 agricultural machinery cooperatives have participated in the implementation of trusteeship services, including 7300 harvesting machines, 6500 sets of hand wheels on the rotating beam of straw returning machines, and 11400 sets of sowing machines

"the trusteeship mode of agricultural machinery operation has realized the intensive and large-scale management of land, so that the whole county can save 80million yuan of farming cost and increase the income of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives by 60million yuan every year. It can not only expand the scale of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, but also liberate farmers from the land, realizing that farmers do not cultivate land and their income does not decrease. Farmers can free up more time and energy to develop other industries and embark on the road to prosperity." Said Lu Kai, director of Mengcheng County Agricultural Machinery Bureau

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