Kurishov Effect II of the hottest modern commodity

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The "kurishov effect" of modern commodity packaging II

there are many commodity names that can cause the kurishov effect, which can be named from different angles

the product name can reflect the function of the product. Due to the relationship between the use performance and nature, daily-use industrial products, pharmaceutical products, etc. can be named directly according to the function. It is straightforward and literal, which makes it clear at a glance, has the function of guiding consumption, and is convenient for customers to choose and buy. For example: Ganmao granule, Yangxue Anshen syrup

the product name can reflect the main components of the product. There are many similar commodities, such as supplements, which are named after the main ingredients, which are different from other similar commodities, showing the status, value and sense of value of commodities; It is clear and can induce purchase behavior or promote the realization of purchase behavior. For example: ginseng royal jelly, soap horn shampoo, Wuji Baifeng pill

the commodity name can reflect the origin of the commodity. For local specialties and local fist typical products, naming them by place names undoubtedly increases the reputation and commemorative significance of commodities, and represents the reputation and texture of commodities. For example: Tsingtao beer, Lanzhou lily, Longjing tea

the product name can reflect a special person's name. It is named after the legendary favorite characters and creators, giving people a good association and interest in traditional crafts and local customs, and stimulating customers' patronage motivation. For example: Zhang Xiaoquan scissors, kongyi has fennel beans, beggar chicken

trade name experimental study on high temperature decarburization characteristics of spring steel sup6 for coil spring can reflect the shape of the commodity. Combined with the beautiful and novel styles and shapes of commodities, it induces consumers' pursuit of beauty, and the product name is vivid and promotes sales. This naming is mainly for children's products. For example: Animal biscuits, pagoda sugar, doll ice cream

product names can also be transliterated in auspicious words or foreign languages. In order to meet the auspicious and affordable needs of consumers, if you want to make La2O3 toughened MoSi2 composites, you can often get a better sales promotion effect by using auspicious words to describe and imply the performance and quality of goods. For example: Centenary wine, youth treasure. In order to meet some consumers' psychology of seeking novelty and difference, and overcome the difficulties in translation, it is named after the processing of foreign language pronunciation of goods, which can attract a large number of consumers. For example: Canon camera, Coca Cola, Baxter ice cream

the product name can also reflect the manufacturing process of the product. Named after a unique or traditional manufacturing process, it gives people the impression of authenticity and reliable texture, as well as the satisfaction of thirst for knowledge. For example: Erguotou, cloisonne

the coordination between commodity names and commodities, and between commodity names and commodity packaging is easy to cause the kurishov effect. For example, the clothing of young women in the construction of the national new material testing and evaluation regional center can be called "little lovers" or "fancy", but it is not suitable for the clothing of middle-aged and elderly people, giving people the feeling that it is not stable enough. It is safer to use "sunset red", "Mount Tai" and so on. Some people named a cosmetics "Black Peony" and added the black-and-white main color packaging, which made people feel very boring. Some people thought it was ink at a glance. Besides, people who use cosmetics also taboo the word "black", which is easy to make people doubt the use effect of goods. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good product name

product trademark and kurishov effect

trademark is the product description combined with text and pattern, and it is the symbol mark of the product. A high-quality commodity, coupled with an excellent trademark, its trademark itself is a good advertisement, which can spread the image of the commodity

from the perspective of the market, the design composition of the trademark is quite flexible. It can be composed of words, letters, numbers, symbols and patterns, and can be replaced by names, which can be expressed by factory names, place names, flowers and plants, scenic spots and animal names or patterns. Trademarks must produce good social effects, make people easy to identify, and cause a good kurishov effect

in order to make the trademark have a better kurishov effect, at least the following points should be achieved:

first of all, the text should be concise, vivid, vivid, distinct and harmonious. To do this, the trademark can make people easy to distinguish, recognize and remember, so as to leave a clear impression in the minds of consumers

secondly, beautiful, unique and innovative. This can enhance consumers' preference and firmness, increase customers' trust in products, and facilitate the dissemination of trademarks and the improvement of popularity

third, it should be beautiful and evocative. Trademarks full of philosophy, interest, knowledge and association bring people new ideas, psychological satisfaction, and can induce purchase motivation. Therefore, more efforts should be made in the choice of trademark pattern design and pronunciation. In particular, avoid misleading, secretive and offensive patterns and sounds to form a trademark. For example: tulip, a trademark of cosmetics made of fragrant flowers; Use the cordial nostalgia as the trademark of food - a Xiangpo, Master Kang, Lao Ganma. This will produce a strong kurishov effect in human psychology

moreover, the expression should be worthy of the name and unique. The expression is worthy of the name, which makes people see the landmark; The uniqueness of a trademark is to explain to customers the difference between the goods represented by this trademark and other goods in the same kind of goods in the market, that is, difference, specificity and enlightenment

for well-known enterprises, it is best to use a unified trademark, so that they can use the established high reputation trademark to develop other products of the enterprise, save the advertising cost of each new product, and speed up the process of consumers' understanding and familiarity with new products. This is actually the process of kurishov effect, because when you see a new product of a known brand, although you don't know its quality, the famous trademark always reminds you of other products of the trademark and recognizes it. For example, Shimei cosmetics and Sony electric appliances

however, the limitation of using the same trademark is that if a product goes wrong, the reputation and sales of a series of products will be affected; If different trademarks are adopted, different trademarks can be used according to the quality, so as to ensure that the fist products are always favored and in short supply, and eliminate the possibility of damaging the reputation of the enterprise. This avoids the misunderstanding caused by the kurishov effect

packaging creativity and kurishov effect

excellent packaging is one of the important external factors to please customers and stimulate consumption. It can play an extremely important role in consumers' psychology

first of all, it is conducive to stimulating consumption desire. Packaging with a sense of the times, art and high-grade luxury can attract customers and make them have a strong interest. Because the packaging not only protects the goods, but also increases the appearance quality of the goods and improves the reputation of the goods

secondly, it can accelerate consumers' understanding of goods. The unique packaging reflects the uniqueness of commodities and helps consumers identify, compare and choose. The words and patterns on the package are simple instructions and advertisements

it is also conducive to the establishment of commodity image. Generally, the brand, trademark, description, etc. on the package become a kind of propaganda advertisement, which constantly deepens the impression of customers, especially when choosing goods in supermarkets, the package and trademark are the symbols of goods, showing the entity of goods and playing the role of promoting goods

this standard describes the normative problems of RFID electronic labels in the use of tires from four aspects: products, experiments, implantation methods and coding methods. To design packaging, you need to understand the relevant knowledge of physical chemistry to master the performance of packaging materials and processing characteristics; Knowledge of psychology, aesthetics and marketing is needed to attract consumers and improve the image of products

it seems abstract and difficult to study the kurishov effect theoretically. In fact, it reflects the designer's all-round knowledge level, because the same design may have different effects when viewed by different people, which is of course related to the viewer's level and experience. But in order to make most people have an ideal kurishov effect when watching, it needs to accumulate some knowledge. Generally speaking, the following points should be paid attention to in the packaging design: (to be continued)

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