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Beverage can packaging label labeling technology

beverage packaging label technology has developed rapidly. In addition to indicating the brand, composition and shelf life of the product, the packaging label, developers are focusing on developing product packaging with low cost, strong impact resistance and attractive appearance. With the new technological development of shrink packaging system and the emergence of shrink label bottom layer and adhesive, roller feed shrink label bonding technology provides a label process with low price, less material consumption and high resolution for processors

b & H labeling systems continues to develop a new generation of labeling systems, and its bh8000 series is especially targeted at customers who need to do high-speed, reliable and efficient labeling. In order to meet the appearance and circular edge requirements of its pubbarrel TM brand beer cans, Coles company from the United States has a high working efficiency. B & H company specially provides bh8000s labeling system and bh700 Endura TM shrinkage labeling system. Through the mutual cooperation of the two sets of units, the labels not only reveal the barrel design of beer cans, but also produce a smooth, uniform, high perspective and impact resistant beer can label surface. Moreover, the use of shrink labels can provide more eye-catching and high-resolution patterns, thereby increasing the attractiveness of shelves

bh8000s labeling system takes one axial drive as the main body, providing durable, low maintenance and high-speed labeling operations. The unit can preset different labeling procedures according to different packages to simplify the process of component replacement or mechanical adjustment; When replacing the label, just replace the label roller, which is simple and fast. Therefore, the manufacturer can label continuously, eliminating the label matching cost due to the conversion of packaging cans, and the range selection knob cannot be changed; Time. The brand-new quick replacement function can replace all kinds of container sizes and labels in minutes

bh8000s label machine's feed inlet is separated by screw and star wheel to ensure that the container can be accurately controlled and positioned in the vacuum chamber. In order to ensure the accurate labeling of labels, the unit is equipped with the company's patented computerized version matching system as the labeling and proofreading position. The computerized version matching system uses a light eye sensor to sense the length change of the label and automatically adjust the labeling process, so as to ensure that the label of each packaging can be accurately cut to achieve the best version matching effect. When the packaging can leaves the star wheel positioning unit, the label and adhesive are accurately and firmly pasted on the can surface under the cooling of air. In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the label, the unit is also equipped with an ultrasonic base material tracking system, which automatically controls the vertical movement of the label base material and monitors the height change of the label. It can be seen that the labeling system can greatly reduce the dislocation deviation and displacement deviation to achieve the highest standard of labeling

in order to meet the needs of complex label shapes and different shrinkage characteristics, the unit can be additionally equipped with an electronic hot air gun on the export conveyor belt to secure the label. Because each heating gun is controlled by an accurate electronic temperature regulator, it can independently aim at the label and heat it firmly, providing an ideal solution for labels with different shapes and shrinkage characteristics. Specifically, the shrinkage of the label starts with the heating of the center of the label, then the heating gun heats the bottom of the label, and finally the top surface of the label is heat sealed. The whole process of over dispersion and volatilization takes about seconds. With superior labeling and positioning monitoring packaging technology, the labeling speed of the unit is as high as 700/min

advantages of new technology: crystallization occurs when the material temperature is slightly lower than the melting temperature

roller feeding shrinkage label bonding technology can realize instant label bonding for packaging cans, so there is no need to stock a large number of preprinted cans, thereby reducing handling costs and warehouse storage space. 500000 labels only need 121 cubic feet of warehouse space, while the same number of preprint cans need 16000 cubic feet of storage space. Moreover, due to the shortened production process, it can quickly label promotional products, trial products or conventional products in the market, while ensuring low production prices. Roller feeding shrinkage label bonding technology has short production process and moderate price, which is especially suitable for beverage companies, specialty foods and small breweries

the newly improved "wireless bonding system" technology can effectively eliminate the wrinkles on the back edge of the label. The system realizes the smooth surface requirements of pubbarreltm packaging cans. The development of new technology has replaced the previous expensive shrink sleeve label adhesive technology or pressure sensitive label adhesive technology. In addition, the unit only needs to simply convert the rubber coated wheels to match the containers of various sizes, which simplifies the conversion procedure and improves the production flexibility

prospects for the development of shrink labels

with the continuous development of packaging labeling system, shrink labels and adhesives, the price, speed and materials need to be in line with economic benefits. At the same time, it can provide vivid and high-resolution label graphics, which can lead the trend and increase profits. Roller feed shrink label bonding technology not only shortens the production process, but also realizes an economically feasible real-time packaging process, providing manufacturers with diversity and flexibility

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