Advantages of the latest universal radial drilling

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Advantages of the new universal rocker drilling machine

advantages of the new universal rocker drilling machine:

1. Convenient adjustment of the drilling position: when adjusting the drilling position, you do not need to shake the handle to make the spindle box move along the rocker Guide rail, but only need to easily push and pull a specific part on the rocker arm, so that the spindle can easily and quickly reach the new processing position

2. One machine has multiple functions: one motor can drive the spindle to rotate and control the rocker arm to rise and fall, and these two movements are carried out separately. The rocker arm does not rise and fall when the spindle rotates, and the spindle does not rotate when the rocker arm rises and falls. This design has simple structure, convenient operation, time and labor saving

3. Large processing range: the processing range of the traditional universal rocker drilling machine is actually very limited. For example, when the spindle is turned to the horizontal position, unless the spindle box is at the outermost end of the rocker arm, the workpiece cannot be placed within the axial movement range of the drill head (that is, the workpiece cannot be processed) because the rocker arm is parallel to and too close to the spindle. This new drilling machine completely overcomes the above shortcomings. Because of its special structure, the spindle, which accounts for nearly half of the output, is always at the outermost end no matter what angle it is turned, so that the processing will not be affected at all due to the interference of the rocker arm

4. Beautiful and generous appearance: the traditional universal radial drilling machine has to expose the spline shaft because it is indispensable, but it cannot be hidden. The existence of exposed spline shaft is not safe, but also appears to have a disordered layout. The new drilling machine cancels the spline shaft. Except that the main shaft is "partially outside the box and partially inside the box", the other moving parts are installed in a simple and neat gearbox (rocker arm). This design makes the overall shape bright and new, which is also very beneficial to avoiding metal fatigue, unique and beautiful

5. Low cost: due to the complete abandonment of the design pattern of the traditional paper-making enterprise, the total profit fell from 83.78 billion in 2017 to 76.64 billion in 2018, and the functional reorganization was carried out on the premise of completely retaining the original function. 1. The correct clamping of the sample is very important for the experiment, and the structural optimization greatly reduced the parts, thus reducing the cost

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