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The new energy development technology market is "cold at both ends"

with the establishment of the consensus that the new energy industry will become a strategic emerging industry on a global scale, coupled with the introduction of a series of policies to promote the development of new energy, the investment and development in China's new energy field has ushered in an unprecedented upsurge. However, investigations in various places have learned that, in sharp contrast to the "overheating of manufacturing links" in the field of new energy, the investment and policy arrangements in basic research and development and terminal application in the field of new energy are significantly lagging behind. Many experts believe that this "cold at both ends and hot in the middle" is an uncoordinated phenomenon, According to the Environmental Protection Bureau of China, "landfill gas (LFG) It is the natural by-product of organic matter decomposition in the landfill site, which has hidden dangers for the healthy development of the energy industry

no major breakthrough in key technologies

in recent years, China's new energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy have developed rapidly, and have become the world's second largest country in wind power installation and the largest country in solar cell production. However, investment in basic research and development is obviously insufficient, and there has been no major breakthrough in key technology bottlenecks. Many insiders worry that the delay in the maturity of the independent technology route will lead to the industry development falling into a strange circle of "Introduction backward re introduction"

The hollowing out of core technology is becoming more and more prominent in the rapid expansion of China's new energy production capacity. In the field of wind power manufacturing, the size of equipment has also been greatly reduced in recent years. In recent years, large and small enterprises have sprung up, but in terms of core technology and key parts, they almost follow the same import route

experts believe that insufficient basic investment in new energy is a prominent constraint. Wang Zhongzhu, the vice president and chief engineer of Tianjin Institute of the Sixth Design and Research Institute of machinery industry, believes that the core technology level and independent innovation ability of China's wind power industry, which has the fastest development of new energy, need to be improved. Use accurate impact testing machines to confirm the corresponding relationship between the quality of standard impactor and its impact energy; At least 3 energy values should be selected in the energy segment of the impact testing machine to be verified. The national wind power technology research and development platform has not been established, the lack of in-depth basic research, and the failure to form an effective industry university research technology development system have become an important bottleneck

market cultivation lags behind production 2. Regularly check the development of the cutting tool and screw industry

many experts and enterprises believe that although China has introduced some measures in the cultivation of the new energy market in recent years, on the whole, the market cultivation is still insufficient, the core policy system arrangement such as electricity price lags behind, and the mechanism to guide the healthy development of the industry with market incentives has not been formed. These problems should be studied and solved quickly, In order to encourage the development of new energy in China

in order to support the development of domestic photovoltaic industry, the state has successively issued some policies to start the market, and some enterprises believe that they should be more specific, more open and transparent. Su Minzhong, executive vice president of Taiwan funded maodi new energy Co., Ltd., said: the state introduced the solar roof plan in March this year, but so far, the list of the first batch of approved projects has not been announced. How many projects are approved, what are the standards, and what is the market impact

The problem of raising electricity price is the key to cultivate and start the market. Qu Xiaohua, chairman and CEO of CSI atlas, believes that due to the lack of a clear "electricity price", so far, there is no domestic photovoltaic power generation project that has implemented the "cost plus reasonable profit" electricity price. Most of the photovoltaic power stations that have been built in China are government led projects, which are in a pilot state

backward production capacity is bound to be out of the picture

in the development of new energy in China, solar photovoltaic, biomass energy and emerging coal chemical industry have almost gone through the same process. The short-term profiteering market has spawned crazy investment, forming low-level repeated construction and overcapacity. Finally, the foam burst and the development of the industry rose and fell sharply. At present, wind power equipment and polysilicon have been "named" by the State Council, resulting in "overcapacity". The emerging industry of new energy is not yet mature, but such phenomena occur repeatedly. It is time to seriously reflect

in the photovoltaic industry, there are dozens of polysilicon production lines that have been put into production, started construction, or are on track. If they are all completed as planned, there will be a serious oversupply, and these backward production capacity formed by low-level repeated construction is bound to face the fate of being out of the market

at present, the price of polysilicon has fallen from nearly $500 to about $70. Compared with the average cost of $30 for large foreign manufacturers, the average cost of domestic enterprises is about $70. A considerable number of enterprises have not yet solved the prominent problems of high energy consumption and pollution

in addition, there is also a serious surplus of wind power equipment. Wang Huajun, a professor at Hebei University of technology, believes that the government should formulate the development plan and technology of the wind power industry as soon as possible

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