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The new energy consumption market urgently needs to clarify

"how to consume is a problem currently encountered by new energy industries such as wind power and photovoltaic. For wind power, it may have developed too fast before, and the supporting facilities did not keep up, resulting in the consumption problem still continues. Last year, only a few provinces used less than 1600 hours of wind power, but this year, there will be more less than 1600 hours." How to consume is a problem currently encountered by new energy industries such as wind power and photovoltaic. For wind power, it may have developed too fast before, and the supporting facilities did not keep up, leading to the problem of consumption continues. Last year, only a few provinces used less than 1600 hours of wind power, while this year, there will be more less than 1600 hours. Li Qionghui, director of the New Energy Research Institute of the National Energy Research Institute, said at the fourth China energy enterprise high level forum held on December 8

it is understood that for the occurrence of consumption problems, industry insiders generally believe that on the one hand, the system peak shaving capacity in the three northern regions is insufficient, resulting in wind power constraints; On the other hand, many wind power planning and power planning are not coordinated in the early stage

we think the biggest problem is (3) it is not clear whether the consumption market of a batch of cutting-edge new materials or the base is laid out in advance, and the consumption market of some large-scale power projects is still unclear. Li Qionghui said that although many materials for beams will be added, the national energy administration has defined the consumption market in East China in its planning, but where are the markets in East and West Mongolia? The failure to implement the consumption plan into the power planning of each province and to include the power balance means that this market space is not reserved

wind power is not in winter

although wind power and photovoltaic have encountered many difficulties recently, enterprises still believe that there are both opportunities and challenges, and opportunities outweigh challenges. Zhang Yuan, deputy general manager of Longyuan Power Co., Ltd., believes that the prospects for the next step of wind power and solar PV are very good. At present, enterprises have reserved a lot of resources in wind power and solar PV

now I'm talking about the wind power industry entering winter, and I have different views on this point of view. Li Jie, general manager of Guodian united power marketing technology company, said that the conclusion of winter is mainly based on two phenomena: one is that the return on investment of wind power plants is declining or slowing down due to wind power abandonment and power limitation; Second, due to the overcapacity of wind turbine manufacturers, the kW cost of wind turbines is declining, and the profits of wind turbine manufacturers are declining significantly. The occurrence of these two phenomena is considered to be the winter of wind power enterprises. It is debatable that polypropylene matrix and lightweight reinforced thermoplastic (lwrt) are used to manufacture underbody panels due to their high sound absorption performance

in terms of data, the new wind turbines in China last year were about 18million kW, and it is estimated that 15million kW will be added in 2012. It is unscientific to regard the nearly 20% increase of inspection mandrel as winter. Li Jie said

the new energy industry has entered the stage of rational development from the stage of more money and fewer people, as we all think. Li Jie said that through full competition and elimination of backward production capacity, the growth of excellent enterprises can enable the whole new energy wind power industry to enter the stage of scientific development

will definitely come out

for the photovoltaic industry, Ma Baozhong, executive deputy general manager of TBEA Xinjiang new energy Co., Ltd., also expressed similar views. The difficulties encountered at present are precisely the spring of the development of photovoltaic industry. He said that the reduction in cost will enable domestic businesses to enter the civil market. We are full of confidence in the future

Yi Jin, vice president of spin venture capital, believes that today's solar energy is related to the development history of many industries in the past. If you look at the historical data in the past, you will see a very similar trajectory. Because the nature of this product is almost the same. For example, the previous storage industry. According to him, when the storage market is poor, it is even worse than photovoltaic. Chips are sold in gunny bags, and the price is very cheap. The same is true for the development of LED display screens later

the current trough of the photovoltaic industry has come too quickly, and the recovery time may be a little longer, but it will come out eventually. Yi Jin believes that the scale of the industry market will be larger and larger. Although the price of solar energy is still a little high today, it is still accepted by everyone. The characteristics of this product determine that there must be a period. The period will be shorter and shorter, and the amplitude will be larger and larger, which is exactly the same as the properties of semiconductors. Maybe a year or two is at a low point, and I will definitely come out in the future

Liu Yong, CTO of Jingao Solar Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., also expressed the same view: solar energy has encountered short-term difficulties, but the future prospect must be bright, and it will also get out of this dilemma

out of this round of difficulties, Chinese enterprises will be more competitive. Liu Yong said that recently, there have been so many double reactions in Europe and the United States, and countries in the United States, Europe and India have carried out double reactions to surround Chinese enterprises, which fully illustrates the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in this industry. In the past, people believed that this industry developed purely from the perspective of investment and scale, but the real situation is that the leading Chinese enterprises are at the forefront of this industry not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of technology and other aspects. We believe that we will maintain this advantage

in addition, according to him, in the past, it was an investment driven market, and a large amount of investment was placed in the production and manufacturing links, but the market pull was ignored. Great changes have taken place this year, and the state has introduced many favorable policies for solar energy. Although the implementation of these policies will take time, once implemented, solar energy will go through a very rapid development period. We always believe that the future of the industry is bright

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