Carton shipments are expected to rebound 0% in the

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Carton shipments are expected to rebound in the third quarter

according to the report of the American forest and Paper Association (af&pa), carton shipments are expected to rebound in the second half of this year, especially in the third quarter. It is estimated that carton shipments in the third quarter will reach 104.4 billion square feet, an increase of 4.7% over the same period last year's 99.7 billion

this report shows that the expected rebound and growth are mainly driven by the increase of non durable consumption and poor production. Last year, the output of non durable consumer goods in the United States increased by 1.3% over 1999. This expectation was made under the circumstances that the US manufacturing industry slowed down, consumer confidence fell (the US consumer confidence index fell to the lowest level in four years in February this year), and the US trade deficit widened due to the continued strength of the US dollar

economists believe that if the Federal Reserve's interest rate cut and the Bush administration's recently announced US $1600billion tax cut plan dating back to the beginning of this year can achieve the expected effect, the economic development in the second half of this year will be promoted and continue until next year

According to the report of af&pa, the carton export in the first half of this year is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. The cargo volume is 2005 billion square feet, down from 202.8 billion in the same period in 2000. Shipments in the second half of this year are expected to be 206.9 billion square feet (19.5 billion square feet in the second half of 2000). This report lists some regional factors that may affect the carton business, including: the continuous rise of energy (natural gas) prices in California, affecting the whole west 100 ton electric arc furnace department; The decline of housing operation rate affects the supply of furniture and building materials; Retail sales in the United States fell by 6.6% in January; Car sales fell, of which the sales volume of light vehicles this year will be only 16million, down 7% from last year, and so on

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