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New energy electric vehicles have sprung up. Is the battery life guaranteed

new energy electric vehicles are emerging. Is the battery life guaranteed

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new energy vehicle technology is progressing day by day, the market trend of electric vehicles is becoming clearer, and its advantages are becoming more and more prominent. The future of cars is new energy, but the mainstream of new energy vehicles is pure electric. The development of electric vehicles has driven the rapid growth of the power battery industry

the development of new energy vehicles has driven the power battery industry into a new stage of development, and new breakthroughs will be made in key issues such as cost and safety. In the era of pure electric new energy vehicles, the drive has changed into power, and the battery has become the key and the most expensive core component. How to ensure the service life of the battery and do enough safety protection design

at present, these two kinds of batteries are mainly used in pure electric new energy vehicles. Ternary lithium battery, with high energy density, can significantly improve the range of electric vehicles and meet the high energy needs of vehicles. However, it is a weakness in safety performance and service life

lithium iron phosphate, such as talent and capital problems, has low battery heating capacity. What are the functional characteristics and measurement principles of the safety tension machine? But the endurance is relatively short. In the pursuit of high endurance, this is a little out of line with the mainstream. Although relevant manufacturers are increasing battery capacity through structural design innovation, the power consumption brought by increasing weight will also increase

with the rapid development of battery technology, the power battery used in electric vehicles is developing towards high voltage, high power and low impedance. So how to test the internal impedance of the battery to make it a safety guarantee in new energy electric vehicles

in the application of new energy vehicles and smart electricity, not only the energy conversion from electricity to new energy vehicles, but also the energy transmission from cars to electricity, in addition to the charge discharge conversion in hybrid energy. In the process of energy conversion, DC-DC converter, which plays an important role, has become the main module of charging interface and battery. The high-voltage high-power bidirectional power supply system of Kedian engineering can simulate the dynamic switching characteristics of the battery at the positive and negative current poles through the bidirectional working mode and fast dynamic response time

secondly, the impedance test system for fuel cells of Kedian engineering is suitable for the impedance test of hundreds of amperes single section, several kilowatts (kw) fuel cell stacks. This is an impedance system built according to the output capacity of the fuel cell. Not only the current impedance method can be used to test the impedance, but also the IR of current short circuit can be used. The characteristic of this system of CETC is that it can test the impedance from 10MHz to 20kHz, and the test AC current can be set within the range of 0.1% - 10% of DC current (unit: 0.1%)

in order to consider the reliability and safety test of electric vehicles, the core standard of the test is high reliability. The 500N model recommended by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is feasible, accurate and safe. Only in this way can a complete test solution be provided, which can escort the battery test of electric vehicles and provide a reliable driving force for the sustainable development of new energy vehicles

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