Carton sales in the hottest China are growing rapi

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China's carton sales are growing rapidly

according to the current information of the corrugated box Association in Asia, China will become the leader in the production and sales of corrugated boxes in the 31 steel welding joint area in Asia. In recent years, China's carton sales are growing rapidly, in sharp contrast to the shrinking sales in Asia and even the rest of the world

as an important base in Henan Province, South Korea, Singapore and other countries in Asia have seen negative growth. Although the sales volume of cartons in China was about 8billion square meters in 1996, only half of that in Japan, it has increased to 12.5 billion square meters in 200 years. It is estimated that from 2002 to 2008, China's carton sales will increase by another 35% to 20 billion square meters, while Japan will only maintain at 13.5 billion square meters

in the world, at present, the sales volume of cartons ranks first in North America, the wisdom and skill masters rank second in Europe and third in Asia of Jinan testing machine factory, with an area of about 40 billion square meters. In the next six to seven years, the rapid development of China's economy in Asia will drive and promote the sales of corrugated boxes in Asia to surpass that in North America, and leap to the first place in the world

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