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New electrical technology makes Valin star Kaima show high-end quality

new electrical technology makes Valin star Kaima show high-end quality

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Guide: in recent years, domestic heavy trucks have developed in the direction of comfort, high-end and humanization, and electrical equipment has played a leading role. According to statistics, 80% of the car's faults come from the car's electrical system, and the complex harness makes it difficult to achieve the goal of vehicle lightweight, so the car's electrical networking, intelligence

in recent years, domestic heavy trucks have developed in the direction of comfort, high-grade and humanization, and electrical equipment has played a leading role. According to statistics, 80% of the automobile faults come from the automobile electrical system, and the complex harness makes it difficult to achieve the goal of vehicle lightweight. Therefore, the electrification and intellectualization of the automobile have become the development trend. As one of the main products of Valin company, what new electrical improvements does Valin star Kema have this year? With this question, I walked into the electrical Department of Valin technology center and interviewed Hu Shan, the Minister of electrical department

xingkaima vehicle uses CAN bus control system

Hu Shan introduced that can control local area, originally developed by Bosch Company in Germany in 1983 for automotive applications, is a serial communication network that can effectively support distributed control and real-time control, belonging to the field bus category. It is not only a serial data communication protocol, but also has multi master working mode and flexible data sending and receiving; The communication node can be removed at will for easy expansion; The communication medium adopts twisted pair, which is economical, simple to install and easy to maintain. It is especially suitable for automotive computer control system and industrial environment with harsh environment, strong electromagnetic radiation and large vibration. Among the existing numerous vehicle network technical standards, can bus, with its high performance, high reliability, perfect function and cost, this kind of copper alloy functional new material improves the reasonable design of copper's conductivity, heat conduction, temperature resistance, tensile and easy cutting performance. It has been widely valued in the field of industrial control and automotive electronics, and has been recognized as one of the most promising field buses, Can bus, which adopts SAEJ1939 communication standard, is one of the most widely used vehicle network technologies in the world. In order to unify the management of the whole electrical system, realize data sharing and mutual cooperation, it is an inevitable trend to use can bus for data transmission. Can bus technology has unparalleled advantages in the optimization of the overall performance of heavy trucks and vehicle control. It is the basis for the electrical control of heavy trucks to change from electromechanical control system to networking and intelligent control system. In order to improve the brand image and technical content of Valin heavy truck, it is very necessary for the whole vehicle to use can bus control system

in the conversation with Hu Shan, the Minister of the Ministry of electrical engineering, as a testing instrument, we can't just see its price. The innovation of the CAN bus control system used by xingkaima is that this system is an embedded system, and it doesn't need to install any software. After the system is installed and powered on, it can start running. Through the LCD screen and keys on the instrument panel, set the equipment parameters, time, display icons, fault information, etc., and realize the human-computer interaction function. It is mainly connected with six control modules: 1 digital instrument module, 2 cab control modules, 2 frame control modules, and 1 window control module. Among them, the instrument module is the driver's instrument panel, which collects the status of the vehicle switch, communicates with other control modules through can, displays the vehicle status, fault information, alarm information and other information through LED lights, LCD screen and turntable pointer, and realizes the function of setting engine parameters, time and date by pressing keys. The general control module mainly has five functions: collecting various information such as switch status, water temperature, fuel volume, vehicle speed, rotational speed, etc., and informing the instrument module of these information through the CAN bus, so that the instrument module can display, control the rotation of the motor, the on/off of the solenoid valve, the on/off of some lights of the car body, etc; Detect the short circuit and open circuit status of the output port, and inform the instrument module through the CAN bus, so that the instrument module can display fault information and remind the driver to pay attention; If the instrument module is found offline, close its output port to ensure safety; When the vehicle is not running, it will enter the sleep state to reduce power consumption. The window control module mainly has three functions: to realize the door lock, window lifting and other controls related to the operation of vehicle doors and windows; Detect the short circuit and open circuit status of the output port, and inform the instrument module through the bus, so that the instrument module can display fault information and remind the driver to pay attention; When the vehicle is not running, it will enter the sleep state to reduce power consumption

the CAN bus electrical control system of xingkaima vehicle developed by Valin heavy truck based on the CAN bus environment greatly reduces the length and quality of the vehicle harness, and takes the lead in the goal of vehicle lightweight; The safety of the heavy truck is improved. The CAN bus system will display the fault in time through the display on the instrument module through the real-time communication with the engine ECU and other control systems, which is convenient for detection and error detection; The control module carries out centralized control according to the distribution characteristics of the electrical appliances of the whole vehicle, controls the operating parts and power equipment separately, reduces the fault nodes, and improves the stability and reliability of the system; The characteristics of CAN bus determine that the internal communication transmission rate of the system is fast and the information is accurate. The adoption of unified standards and specifications makes the devices have better interoperability, interchangeability and expansibility; The field wiring and installation are simple, easy to maintain and economical

application of wireless network technology telematics in Xingkai horse

it is learned from Hu Shan that the commonly referred to telematics refers to the on-board computer system using wireless communication technology. With the application of computer and network technology to automobiles, a new computer market called telematics is emerging. Telematics is a comprehensive product of wireless communication technology, satellite navigation system, network communication technology and on-board computer. It is considered to be the star of Automotive Technology in the future. When a fault occurs during the driving of the car, connect the service center through wireless communication to conduct remote vehicle diagnosis. The computer built-in on the engine records the status of the main parts of the car, and at any time provides accurate fault location and cause for maintenance personnel after long-term development. Receive information through the terminal and check traffic map, road condition introduction, traffic information, safety and security services, entertainment information services, etc. you can also play electronic games and network applications (including finance, e-mail, etc.) in the passenger seat. Through the services provided by telematics, users can not only understand the traffic information, the parking space conditions near the parking lot, and confirm the current location, but also understand the logistics information and community network information by connecting the wireless network to the Internet and VPN. The on-board computer system integrating all the above functions is called telematics

the application of wireless telematics system in xingkaima roughly includes two aspects: 1. Development of vehicle terminal: compared with the GPS navigation system configured by the original xingkaima, the new vehicle terminal adds 3G communication module and can bus module receiver, and its hardware and software need to be redesigned; 2. Relying on 3G, GPRS and GSM communications, as well as the software platform system of "inkanet" and other back-end businesses, China Unicom and other mobile communication and network operators establish a networked automotive information, service and management architecture to achieve all-round needs of users (such as logistics, driving planning, real-time road conditions, illegal tips, catering, entertainment, etc.), Realize information-based services for heavy truck manufacturers (such as engine fuel consumption and other related information records, vehicle fault information records, etc.)

Hu Shan told that with the continuous expansion of the coverage of Internet and IOT, the intelligent network driving system will have a broader application field, which can promote the marketing ability, service ability, product connotation and brand loyalty of Valin automobile

the application of TPMS system in Xingkai immediately

learned that TPMS is known as one of the most promising products of China's automotive electronics, referred to as the tire pressure monitoring system. This system is a wireless tire pressure monitoring system, which is used to detect the tire pressure value in real time and give a low-pressure alarm. TPMS installs high-sensitivity sensors on each tire to monitor the pressure, temperature and other data of the tire in real time when driving or at rest, transmits them to the receiver wirelessly, displays various data changes on the display or reminds the driver in the form of beeps, and alarms when the tire leakage and pressure change exceed the set value, so as to ensure driving safety

Hu Shan said that there are four main advantages of using TPMS system in Xingkai immediately: first, to ensure safety during driving. In the process of high-speed driving, tire failure is the most worrying and difficult to prevent for all drivers, and it is also an important reason for sudden and malignant traffic accidents; According to statistics, 70% of traffic accidents on highways in China are caused by flat tires; Maintaining standard tire pressure and finding tire leakage in time are the key to prevent tire blowout; The existing automobile safety measures, such as ABS, EDS, EPS, airbag, etc., are "post passive" security, and the tire pressure monitoring system is "pre active" security, that is, when the tire shows signs of danger, it will alarm in time and take measures to eliminate the accident in the bud. The second is to improve the convenience of users. Most users do not have to check the tire pressure every day, but it is impossible to correctly judge the tire pressure only by visual observation or kicking the tire; It is necessary to check the air pressure frequently during long-distance and high-speed driving. Third, improve the service life of tires. Driving at non-standard pressure will shorten the tire life. The experiment shows that the wheel pressure will be reduced by 10% compared with the normal value, and the tire life will be reduced by 15%; If the tire pressure is 30% lower than the standard pressure, the fuel consumption will increase by 10%. If the tire pressure is too high, the grip will drop, and the fuel consumption will also rise; When a car is driven with high tire pressure, it will cause great damage to the engine chassis and suspension system over time; If the tire pressure is uneven, it will cause the brake to deviate, thereby increasing the wear of the suspension system. Fourth, the installation of TPMS system can reduce traffic accidents and protect the safety of people's lives and property; Reduce fuel consumption, which is conducive to environmental protection; Meet the safety needs of highway traffic; Strengthen people's awareness of tire safety

this year, Valin star Kema Electric has applied many new technologies. Such progress will certainly contribute to improving the product quality and brand effect of Valin

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