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With the rapid development of electric vehicles, charging stations supporting electric vehicles are becoming an emerging industry, and all kinds of capital are competing to enter this field

recently, Sinopec announced that it would enter the charging station industry for the first time with Beijing as a breakthrough. Sinopec's Beijing Petroleum Branch and Beijing Shouke Group Co., Ltd. have jointly funded the establishment of Beijing Sinopec Shouke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which will mainly use Sinopec's existing large-scale refueling and gas filling stations to transform them into refueling and charging integrated service stations

previously, the central energy enterprises such as Guodian, Nanfang power and CNOOC have announced to enter the field of electric vehicle charging stations in just a few months. With the advantages of power supply, transmission and distribution, Dianji south new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has studied every kind of material testing. Enterprises and petrochemical enterprises with network advantages are becoming two armies of charging station investment, in order to compete for the huge market of charging station in the future

at present, there are different opinions on the market prediction of future charging stations, with various data of 10 billion, 100 billion or even trillion. "We can only say that we are optimistic about the future development prospects of the charging station, but because of its many constraints, no one can say how much market space there is at present." Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Research Center at Xiamen University, said

the layout of four central enterprises

this newspaper learned that the specific plan for Sinopec to build a refueling and charging integrated service station in Beijing has not been issued, including the number of construction and specific site selection. Since the construction of charging stations requires electrical cooperation, the Beijing electric power company also said that there are still many things to be implemented and coordinated in the construction of charging stations in Beijing

Sinopec will take Beijing as a breakthrough to enter the charging station industry. It is reported that after the pilot, its refueling and charging comprehensive service station will eventually be extended to the whole city, and then to Hebei, Tianjin and even more

similar to Sinopec, CNOOC, another central oil enterprise, has also established Putian CNOOC new energy power Co., Ltd. with China Putian, which specializes in operating the energy supply network of electric vehicles. The joint venture has cooperated with Zhongtai automobile and plans to start the construction of pure electric vehicle charging stations in more than two provincial capitals in China in the first half of this year. At present, only PetroChina, one of the three major oil companies, has not yet expressed its intention to enter the field of charging stations. Compared with the relatively cautious oil companies, the plans of electric companies are more radical

at the working meeting of the State Power Corporation at the beginning of this year, Liu Zhenya, general manager of the State Power Corporation, proposed to comprehensively promote the construction of electric vehicle charging stations in 27 provinces and cities (regions) across the country, and proposed 75 public charging stations, 6209 AC charging piles and some battery replacement stations

if the investment of one charging station is 3million yuan, the investment of 75 charging stations is only 2.25 billion yuan, which actually accounts for a small proportion for the national electricity with a total investment of more than 200billion yuan every year, so the early benefits are not the first. "The key is to seize the opportunity to occupy the best resources." The relevant person in charge of State Grid told this newspaper

in fact, as early as 2006, Guodian began to pilot electric vehicle charging stations in Shandong, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Until last August, Caoxi electric vehicle charging station, the first domestic electric vehicle charging station with commercial operation function invested and constructed by Guodian Shanghai company, was successfully completed

it is understood that at present, State Grid is accelerating cooperation with local governments to speed up the construction of charging stations. Shaanxi electric power company has announced that it will build four electric vehicle charging stations in four directions of Xi'an city this year. At the same time, the power department will also build 200 charging piles in residential areas, supermarkets and parking lots

taking advantage of Shenzhen, a new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion city, Nanfang power has built the first two electric vehicle charging stations in December 2009, with a total of 134 charging piles, with a total charging capacity of 2480 KVA, which is currently the largest electric vehicle charging station in China. In addition, the electric vehicle charging station located at the south entrance and exit of the transfer center of Futian transportation hub is also under intensive planning. According to the plan, 12750 new energy vehicle charging stations (piles) will be built in Shenzhen. Who has the advantage

all central energy enterprises actively "enclosure", which is exactly optimistic about the charging station market brought by the future electric vehicle market. Lin Boqiang said, "electric vehicles will definitely be the best substitute for traditional fuel vehicles in the future, and the supporting policies introduced by the state in succession will also quickly drive this market."

the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the automotive industry" issued in March 2009 has clearly put forward the short-term goal of forming a production capacity of 500000 vehicles by 2011 for electric vehicles in new energy vehicles

at present, the imperfection of charging facilities is a major factor restricting the development of the electric vehicle market. Therefore, the industry calls on the government to support the development of the electric vehicle industry (subsidies and other preferential policies). First of all, we need to consider the development of charging base stations, which is an important part of ensuring the development of the electric vehicle industry. If the government can pay attention to and invest accordingly as soon as possible, and improve the power of enterprises through policy support, it will be possible to have a place in the rapidly emerging field of Automotive Technology in which the use of carbon fiber accounts for 5% of vehicle weight

an insider of Guodian told this newspaper that Guodian is optimistic about the substitution of electric vehicles for traditional vehicles in the future, so it will not rule out becoming the largest transportation energy supplier in China through the construction of a large number of charging stations in the future, and has a position equivalent to that of the current oil giant

at the same time, Guodian also wants to take electric vehicles (including charging stations) as an important part of smart electricity in the future, and hopes to realize electric peak shaving and frequency modulation with the help of a large number of electric vehicles

petrochemical enterprises believe that their advantage lies in the network layout of their own gas stations. Therefore, Chen Qingquan, a domestic expert in the field of electric vehicles, once suggested: "electric enterprises can set up electric vehicle charging stations in gas stations in the future. There is a precedent in some foreign cities. At that time, electricity can also use a large number of automotive batteries to achieve effective peak shaving." However, the above-mentioned State Grid sources revealed that at present, the two systems have no intention of cooperation in the construction of charging stations. Lin Boqiang believes that the possibility of cooperation between the two sides is very small, because at present, there are few gas stations that can be transformed into charging stations

unlike traditional vehicles, which only take a few minutes to refuel, electric vehicles generally take more than a few hours to charge. It is inevitable that there is a trade-off between the machinability and the ease of the modified resin; One of the objectives of the project is to establish a gas station with graphene load level power station, which requires a much larger area than the conventional gas station. Without the design and development of 1151 type gear pump extruder, the gas station will be congested. Therefore, Lin Boqiang is not optimistic about Sinopec's plan to transform existing gas stations and build gas charging integrated service stations

Jia Xinguang, a senior automotive expert, believes that the location of electric vehicle charging stations can be selected from existing parking lots, otherwise it is not enough to build more charging stations

this is also the reason why power companies are more favored by the industry, but Lin Boqiang also emphasized the uncertain factors of the charging station industry and believed that companies should not enter blindly before the national standards are issued

the industry also hopes that at the beginning of the start-up of the domestic electric vehicle charging station industry, the relevant functional departments should intervene and guide as soon as possible, formulate standards, make plans, and encourage orderly competition among various investment entities, including private capital

it is understood that the national standard for electric vehicle charging stations is expected to be issued this year. The standard is led by jinqingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. and jointly participated by the two major electric companies and automobile companies such as BYD and Chery

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