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New energy enterprises have become a pole of China's energy and economic growth

the 2017 list of China's top 500 enterprises was released in Nanchang on the 10th. Affected by the industry cycle, capacity reduction policy, old and new energy conversion, coal enterprise clusters in the top 500 have struggled to turn losses; Photovoltaic, solar energy and other new energy enterprise clusters have developed rapidly and become a growth pole of China's energy industry

the list data shows that the 21 coal enterprises on the list this year have achieved a total of 19.31 grounding installation status, which should facilitate the connection of net profits of 100 million yuan. Most enterprises have "turned losses into profits", "reduced losses" or "increased profits". Compared with last year, the total net profit of the 26 coal enterprises on the list last year was -14.595 billion yuan

it is worth noting that in this year's list, Shenhua Group achieved a profit of 12.734 billion yuan, filling the data of many loss making enterprises

Yang Du, a professor at the Business School of Renmin University of China, believes that the loss reduction and operating data improvement in coal and other industries are related to the industry cycle trend and the macro capacity reduction policy, but whether the industry continues to recover remains to be seen, with a relative humidity of 80%

compared with coal, especially new energy vehicles, which have been hyped by favorable policies again and again, and the difficult turnaround of the carbon industry, new energy enterprise clusters continue to develop rapidly. Among the new energy enterprises newly listed in the top 500 enterprises this year, except Changzhou Trinasolar Co., Ltd., whose revenue growth rate is only 5%, the other four enterprises' revenue growth rate is more than double digits

among them, GCL Group Co., Ltd., which successfully built a photovoltaic integrated industrial chain from silicon materials to photovoltaic equipment manufacturing, system integration, and the construction and operation of solar power stations, achieved a revenue of 107.408 billion yuan with a revenue growth rate of 34.62% last year, and successfully entered the 100 billion enterprise cluster

Kou Bingen, President of GCL group, believes that although coal still accounts for a high proportion of total energy, the transformation and development of low-carbon and green is the general trend

"in recent years, China's wind power equipment and solar energy manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. In 2016, China accounted for 4 of the world's top 10 wind turbine manufacturers, with a global market share of 24%." Huang Qili, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that with the failure of the electronic universal testing machine, what should be done? With the basic formation of new energy industry, University and Research Institute and the national electric interconnection, the development of new energy will be supported more and more

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