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New energy agricultural machinery: New Holland shows its methane powered concept tractor

according to foreign media reports, on August 29, a model representing the vision of future agricultural sustainability was displayed at the agricultural progress exhibition held in Decatur, Illinois, USA. It was proposed by New Holland, a global agricultural equipment brand under Case New Holland industrial group, in the form of a methane powered concept tractor. The tractor was shown live to the exhibition audience and the global audience

this concept tractor developed by the New Holland Design and engineering team adopts a novel design never seen in the industry, combining alternative fuels and advanced agricultural technology with the powertrain innovation of Fiat power technology, a sister brand of Case New Holland industrial group, which is ready to be launched. The wood-based panel testing machine of the concept tractor is mainly used in various wood-based panel consumption enterprises and quality inspection departments. The power system adopts a new scheme that is the same as the standard diesel used in the automotive industry: the same power and torque as the version tractor, which means that the concept tractor can also be applied to field operations

with this tractor, by using the waste products in the "closed-loop" virtuous cycle, the farm will be able to achieve complete energy independence and meet all the fuel and energy needs of itself and the local community. In the near future, the farm will realize the sustainable development of using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels

the brand of keisnew Netherlands industrial group is a pioneer and market leader in the R & D and commercialization of natural gas powered vehicles. Biomethane is the latest achievement of the company's fuel strategy to replace the 24-hour uninterrupted acceptance business in all regions. It is particularly suitable for agricultural vehicles to be used in farms, because farm operators already have raw materials and space for the production of natural gas. This makes agricultural enterprises not only have sufficient fuel in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, but also have sufficient energy

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