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Advantech launched a new embedded industrial computer ark

Advantech introduced a dual core high-performance, compact embedded industrial computer ark-3399. Ark-3399 provides developers of embedded applications with higher flexibility, reliability and faster storage speed. Its rich i/o interface design makes it the best choice for various applications, such as vending machines, point of sale terminals (POS), points of interest (POI), gas station distributor control, digital signs, high-performance embedded control systems, etc

The half height aluminum chassis of ark-3399 adopts extrusion technology, which is the best choice for Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz/core 2 Duo 1.06GHz/Celeron m 1.06GHz processor. I is difficult to improve capacity utilization. Ntel 945GM chipset supports CF cards with memory capacity up to 8GB and 2GB DDR2, and can support graphics improvement and i/o bandwidth increase

ark-3399 provides a dual display mode for various multimedia applications, and can use VGA and LVDS (up to 48 bit) interfaces to achieve independent display. Its gigalan interface supports high-speed data transmission, while serial ATA and CompactFlash types I and II, as well as rich extended i/o interfaces (5 USB interfaces, 2 COM ports (1rs-232+1rs-232/422/485) and 8-bit DIO interfaces ensure the excellent performance of the system

ark-3399's half height, sealed chassis structure is an ideal choice for applications with limited space. The fan free design and ultra long MTBF greatly save maintenance costs, and in addition, ensure the best interests of users. It is also technically clear about the upgrade. Ark-338x series products have the same size and installation mechanism as ark-3399. Users can easily upgrade the products to an ark-3399 for the same application fields

ark-3399 supports the latest operating systems, such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, and windows. A long thin rod is provided at the end to fix weights XPE and windows CE 6.0. Ark-3399 can integrate core duo, core 2 Duo or Celeron m into a compact, half height, extruded aluminum chassis

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