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For Simi cabinet, we launched the "new peak" five-year plan. Because we have just entered the Chinese market, our system needs to be fully opened, so we plan to open 100 stores this year, 400 stores next year, and a total of 1600 stores in five years

dialogue guest: Liu Zeqin, general manager of simi cabinet

talk about brand: strong alliance, catering to Chinese consumers

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Liu. Sofia officially launched its new brand Simi cabinet at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. Would you please tell us about the launch of the new brand

president Liu: Sofia is the first brand in the wardrobe industry, and Simi cabinet is also the first brand in France. Therefore, Simi cabinet has also received great attention from the industry when it enters the Chinese market. Everyone's concern is that we are successful in making wardrobe, so can we also succeed in making cabinet? I think our operation in four aspects will cause a sensation in the industry

the first is the background support system. We have invested a lot in the layout of the production industry. In the cabinet industry, it is normal to invest tens of millions or 100 million in factories and production equipment, while our investment in the first phase is nearly 400 million. Because the production system of the customization industry is very critical, we can ensure three-year production capacity by adopting one-time targeted capital investment. The second is that the information system is better than the systems currently used in the industry. We use the information system built by the Schmidt brand of Salm company in 15 years, which is a vertical integrated system from front-end order, machine and material order to production scheduling. A single order can be completed in 15 minutes, and the industry needs to use multiple systems for conversion. The third is the rapid expansion of channels. Sofia wardrobe has about 1300 stores and 600 or 700 agents. We use such a strong channel to expand, and its expansion speed is much faster than other enterprises that extend or cross into the cabinet industry. For example, we have begun to decorate our stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other big cities, and 3-5 stores are opened at the same time. Moreover, our plan is to open 100 stores this year, 400 stores next year, and another 400 stores the next year, so that we can complete the channel network layout of others for more than ten years in three years. Fourth, the brand investment is large. We will invest 500 million resources in five years to quickly promote the brand, and adopt high-altitude and ground three-dimensional bombing in media publicity. I believe from these four aspects, the industry can clearly feel our competitive strength in hardware and software

home hotline: President Liu mentioned that Simi cabinet is the largest cabinet brand in France. We know that foreign brands may face acclimatization when entering the Chinese market. How can Simi cabinet quickly adapt to the Chinese cabinet Market

president Liu: there are three reasons why some foreign brands cannot enter the Chinese market

first, product development is not systematic enough. In different countries, consumers' understanding and cognition of the same product are different. In our country, if the product development does not cater to the Chinese market, it will affect the backstage operation, such as the selection of your production equipment, plant layout, and whether the ordering of the information system is smooth. The positioning of foreign products may be simple and generous, and the use of materials is relatively simple. In China, it will involve the use of a variety of plates, including solid wood, baking varnish, coating, acrylic and other materials. Therefore, in terms of material use and appearance design, it is necessary to cater to Chinese consumers. In view of this, in terms of product structure and technology, we have learned from the characteristics and advantages of French Schmidt company for decades, and combined with the appearance design characteristics of Chinese consumers' needs, so that the products we make can be differentiated

second, the operating system is acclimatized. Because foreign brands enter the Chinese market, tariffs are expensive and delivery time is long. There is no time for one to two months. For Chinese consumers, after placing an order to buy a product, the brand should cater to its decoration time. It is impossible to wait for this set of products after all the decoration, so this is difficult for foreign brands to overcome, and it is also a core reason for acclimatization

third, after-sales service. Suppose a foreign brand finds an agent in China to do it. When it comes to after-sales problems, although his staff can provide on-site service, the late replenishment is another problem. Compared with the following leftover orders and changing replenishment orders, it will basically take more than one to two months. This situation will be difficult to survive in the Chinese market

these operation levels will involve the order placing process, information system and production system, which will be difficult to solve if they cannot be localized. With our understanding of equipment, automation and product structure for so many years, we can achieve localization and cater to Chinese consumers to the greatest extent

talk about service: create a five-star service in the store

home hotline: then what kind of products will be launched by the newly listed Simi cabinet brand? What is the positioning? What are the characteristics and advantages

president Liu: in terms of product planning, we have two series and seven sub styles, including luxury, modern, pastoral, etc. On the basis of style, it is divided into medium, high and low-end grades, high-end matching plates, luxurious matching solid wood and baking varnish, and melamine is selected for low-end ones. In other words, we will plan our product line by series and grades. At present, the industry is mainly divided into medium, high and low end based on plates, and we combine the material and style system to reflect our characteristics. Relatively speaking, our research on consumers will be more in-depth. Consumers can choose our corresponding products according to the decoration style of their homes. This is our characteristic of great differentiation

home hotline: now the industry also attaches great importance to brand services. How can companies better serve consumers in this regard

president Liu: first of all, at the front-end operation level, our marketing center has set up a special training team and made a special plan to create a five-star model market for terminals. The five-star service of the store includes front-end order receiving, order placing, design and drawing, door-to-door measuring scale, installation service, etc. there is a set of service standards, and the provisions of the standards are very detailed, which can also be copied. For example, what standards are used for the reception of customers entering the store, what standards are used for the script, what standards are used for the management of the above forms, and what standards are used for the terminal assessment. In addition, there are satisfaction survey standards after the door-to-door service, which will be linked to the salary mechanism of our relevant service personnel. If you have good service, high satisfaction, and high natural return. Secondly, in terms of platform operation, our software system will bring great convenience to consumers. From order to delivery, the front-end shopping guides and designers can check the status of the order, directly reflect it, and follow up. Therefore, we mainly use these two aspects: the front end provides standards and assessment, and the back end realizes standardized services through software systems

talk about strategy: 2.5 billion in five years, 1600 stores

Home hotline: we also learned that Sophia and France Simi cabinet have jointly invested 1billion to promote this project. So what is the significance of the strong alliance between the two major home customization groups in China and France? Please analyze it for us

president Liu: it should be said that our two companies have their own strengths. Sofia is the first listed company in the customization industry, and its reputation in the customization industry is very good. At the same time, its understanding of the customization industry over the years is also very high. After so many years of operation and listing, Sofia also has a certain accumulation in the capital market. Now it is seeking the development of "big home", so we take the first step to enter the cabinet market. The company also set a direction for future development, and put forward the slogan of "customizer Sophia", and cabinet is the first step. Later, it will be used in other related industries, and finally form an overall home, which is the development strategy of the group's big home

schmidt is the first brand in France, and the enterprise has a long history of 80 years. It has more than 600 stores in the European market. Now they are also seeking the layout of globalization, and the Chinese market is the inevitable market, which is just a development opportunity. Sophia seeks the strategy of big home, and Schmidt seeks the global layout strategy. The two sides hit it off immediately, so they joined forces to create a new brand - Simi cabinet, which has entered the Chinese market strongly

home hotline: finally, Mr. Liu, please introduce what kind of development plan SMI cabinet has next

president Liu: we launched the five-year plan of "new peak". Because we have just entered the Chinese market, our system needs to be fully opened, so we plan to open 100 stores this year, 400 stores next year, and a total of 1600 stores in five years. This is our network layout. In terms of performance, this year we don't want more and more, but to provide better products and services to our consumers. Of course, by 2018, our plan is to achieve 2.5 billion yuan and enter the first group army in China's cabinet industry

well, thank you, Mr. Liu, for accepting our interview today. I also wish Simi cabinets to achieve excellent results in the Chinese market. Thank you




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