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The safety incident of aluminum alloy doors and windows that collapsed after being blown by the wind has worried many consumers. How can aluminum alloy doors and windows products that protect the safety of families be of low quality

the safety incident of aluminum alloy doors and windows that collapsed after being blown by the wind has made many consumers worried. How can aluminum alloy doors and windows products that protect the safety of families be of low quality. There is nothing trivial about the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and it is not the business of an enterprise. Aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises should work together to pay attention to the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, actively produce high-quality products, adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, and promote China's aluminum alloy doors and windows to the world

first, quality improvement has become the mainstream idea

during the two sessions this year, many deputies to the National People's Congress unanimously proposed to integrate quality strengthening into the national strategy. For example, zongqinghou, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman and general manager of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., pointed out that the implementation of the strategy of brand development and strengthening the country through quality will be included in the major layout of economic and social development during the 13th five year plan, and a special plan for brand development will be formulated to strengthen the overall planning of brand development from the top-level design. Li Zhenjiang, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Shenwei Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., also believes that the strategy of strengthening the country through quality should be implemented to promote supply side structural reform

improving product quality is becoming a national strategy

the general office of the State Council recently issued the notice on printing and Issuing the 2016 action plan for the implementation of the quality development outline. In addition to paying attention to the industrial Internet, it also began to pay attention to the manufacturing upgrading in the field of people's consumption. Carry out special actions to improve the supply of consumer goods, organize and implement the quality improvement project of consumer goods, increase varieties, improve quality and create brands

in the critical period of China's economic transformation and upgrading, the voice of all parties for the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country through quality is rising day by day. At the same time, the state pays more and more attention to product quality. Premier Li has repeatedly mentioned the issue of quality improvement in recent years. In early April this year, Premier Li pointed out that "made in China 2025" should not only engage in equipment manufacturing, but also use consumers' choices to force the upgrading of industrial consumer goods and the upgrading of "made in China"

second, adhere to the bottom line of high quality

from the central to local governments, from the premier to the general manager, product quality has become a hot word of concern for all parties. There are three main reasons behind it

first, improving product quality will help promote the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing and create a new economic engine. In the past, in the era of shortage economy, as long as enterprises produced products, they did not worry about sales. As a result, enterprises became eager for quick success and instant benefits, regardless of quality improvement, resulting in made in China becoming synonymous with low-end products. Entering the stage of surplus economy, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, the production cost of manufacturing industry is rising, and made in China is facing unprecedented challenges. Therefore, we must speed up the use of the market's negative force to promote the quality and efficiency of made in China, enhance consumer confidence, and promote consumer economic growth

second, improving product quality is an important starting point for promoting supply side reform and guiding market demand. At present, the stage of wave draining consumption in China is gradually coming to an end, and personalized and diversified consumption patterns are rising. At this time, it is particularly urgent to improve product quality. Only by starting from the supply side and producing excellent products, can we really adapt to the changing direction of China's consumer demand

third, developing and encouraging domestic brands and letting people spend their money in China can activate domestic consumption potential. According to the website of the National Bureau of statistics, the contribution rate of final consumption to economic growth in 2015 was 66.4%, an increase of 15.4 percentage points over the previous year. Although the pulling effect of consumption on the economy has increased, the "overseas shopping craze" that has sprung up in recent years has surprised people to find that trillions of funds flow abroad to buy goods every year. When exports become colder and the role of investment declines, it is undoubtedly worth thinking about how to retain domestic funds and awaken domestic consumption potential

in addition, for modern Chinese enterprises, the spirit of craftsmanship is very insufficient, which in turn affects the long-term development of enterprises. According to statistics, the average life span of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises is only 2.5 years, and that of group enterprises is only 7-8 years. There are 3146 enterprises in Japan, 837 enterprises in Germany, 222 enterprises in the Netherlands and 196 enterprises in France

at present, the loss of domestic purchasing power and low consumer trust in domestic products are prominent, which is not conducive to the development of manufacturing industry and the long-term progress of the country. Reversing the crisis of manufacturing industry depends on the efforts of the whole society and the return of craftsmanship. From the perspective of the government, it is expected to establish an advanced manufacturing standard system to promote enterprises to get rid of the low-end image; Strengthen supervision, improve intellectual property protection, and encourage the innovation and creation of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises. From the perspective of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises, less speculation and fluke, increase product innovation, and control product quality. From the perspective of consumers, overseas "overseas shopping" is not at fault. It is a free choice of individuals and should be respected

third, use innovative products to attract consumers

no matter large enterprises or small companies, the first thing to teach you is "down to earth". In fact, it is also true for door and window enterprises: pragmatism is the basis of survival; For products, continuous innovation and updating and optimizing product functions are the only secret that they will not be eliminated; If an enterprise wants to survive for a long time, it must have its own enterprise characteristics, have its own core technology, and be in a monopoly like apple, with absolute advantages

although the original intention of an innovative product may not be to make a profit, it may be based on the desire to solve a problem, or it may be due to hobbies, or it may be a sudden inspiration that makes this product born, but the innovative product can undoubtedly attract many consumers. For example, the birth of the sunshine room stems from people's inability to feel the surrounding environment in closed houses, and it is difficult for our traditional houses to feel the warm sunshine. For this reason, the designer developed the sunshine room with an innovative thinking that breaks away from the tradition - a building built with glass and metal frames. This building belongs to a kind of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The body is mainly composed of glass doors and windows. This product has strong light transmission ability, and can make people in the sunshine room better feel the surrounding environment, so that users can have barrier free access to the warm sunshine. Because sunshine house is developed based on people's needs, this innovative product has won the favor of many people who advocate nature and pursue sunshine. This innovative product can not only attract consumers, but also enhance people's awareness of the brand. It is simply a combination of fame and wealth

can innovation only be applied to products? If you understand this way, you are very wrong! Because not only products can be innovated, but also enterprise management and operation can be innovated, so we should not be bound by those inherent thoughts in the past. How can the operation and management of aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises achieve innovation? For example, in recent years, the most popular customization, aluminum alloy doors and windows industry should also move in this direction to give consumers a customized and special aluminum alloy doors and windows. When it comes to customization, there must be design and creativity. In addition to novel design, it also needs to be practical and meet the basic needs of consumers

to sum up, it is not so simple for door and window enterprises to succeed. Both Jinpai Huating and the industry need to make more efforts for it. In this era of opportunities and challenges, the aluminum alloy door and window industry is not without outlets or opportunities, but it must not be peaceful. The magic weapon to win is to strictly control quality, perseverance, skilled business experience and a heart that wants to do well





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