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Yuanjiang City is located in the north of Hunan Province, close to Dongting Lake. Yuanjiang has a long history and is one of the earliest county governments in Dongting Lake area. It is a famous land of fish, rice, ramie, reed and also a famous tourist city in Hunan. Yuanjiang has strong comprehensive economic strength. After the reform and opening up, the national economy of Yuanjiang has grown at an average annual rate of 10%. The main economic indicators rank in the forefront of county-level cities in Hunan Province, and the people's consumption and living standards are high

Yuanjiang Taibai community is one of the local business activity centers. Located in Baihe Road, Taibai community, Yuanjiang City, meinimei integral furniture 4S Yuanjiang store is a large double-layer shop integrating integral furniture and lighting, with a superior store location

Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten brands of overall wardrobe in China and a 3A enterprise with quality service reputation. It is also a standing director enterprise of the wardrobe Professional Committee of the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce; It is an innovative high-tech customized furniture enterprise integrating R & D, design, sales and production, focusing on providing excellent quality whole house customized furniture manufacturing and services for every family; Innovatively put forward the marketing service concept of "customized furniture 4S chain" in the industry, and expounded the product and service characteristics of meinimei brand "fashion and environmental protection, personalized customization, exquisite experience, lifelong maintenance"; Many chain store terminals in China have won the favor of the majority of consumer groups with "exquisite display experience, professional and fast design, consultative responsible sales and five-star value-added services". In just a few years, they have become service benchmark enterprises in the industry with strong competitiveness

meinimei customized bookcase series

Yuanjiang meinimei overall home furnishing 4S store will perfectly present the five new product series of meinimei for Yuanjiang citizens. Including youth story series tailored for young consumer groups; A series of logs with the theme of environmental protection based on the appearance and texture of solid wood. And the industry-leading optical fiber series with soft touch and super soft visual effect; The launch of these excellent products and the novel store VI design will surely show Yuanjiang citizens the leading design aesthetics, international professional services, environmental protection and fashion attributes of the brand, as well as the functional characteristics of the transformation and utilization of the house type space

service is the core of the customization industry. As the initiator of the industry-leading 4S concept, meinimei has perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services for customers. The majority of customers in Yuanjiang will not only experience the professional one-to-one customized service of the meinimei elite design team in the meinimei overall furniture 4S store, but also enjoy the after-sales service of free 5-year maintenance and lifelong maintenance of meinimei products in terms of after-sales service, eliminating the worries of customers when purchasing products

meinimei customized bedroom series

it is reported that Yuanjiang meinimei integral furniture 4S store will be grandly opened at the end of December 2013. At that time, manufacturers will jointly hold large-scale preferential promotions. Meinimei furniture Yuanjiang 4S store sincerely welcomes consumers to visit, experience and order favorite furniture




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