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WEPA giershagen Paper Co., Ltd. realized double-digit energy consumption reduction through the modified hood of tosk

release date: Source: tosk

wepa group is one of the largest household paper manufacturers in Europe. It has 13 production bases and 21 toilet paper machines, with an annual output of about 780000 tons, and has a growing trend year by year. Since 2002, WEPA marsberg giershagen has been the plant with particularly close cooperation between tosk and WEPA group. Tosk provided the factory with a new household paper production line pm19 in the form of turnkey project, comprehensively transformed the factory's PM5 through two steps, and installed new hoods on the other two paper machines. Therefore, all paper machines in WEPA giershagen are currently equipped with tosk hoods

in short, tosk's main projects in wepagiershagen are as follows:

-2002 horizontal leveling of concrete foundation, 2006, PM5: comprehensive transformation of the paper machine in two steps

-2006: installation of dust removal system on post-processing equipment

-2014, PM4: Transformation of air hood and hot air system

-2015, Pm19: provided a complete household paper production line in the form of turnkey project

-2018, PM7: reconstructed the hood and hot air system

-2019, pm19: installed the dust removal system

pm4 and PM 7 hood reconstruction: reduced energy consumption and improved speed

in order to evaluate the return on investment, it is always interesting to compare the efficiency (consumption and performance) of the equipment before and after the reconstruction. This comparison is particularly obvious if we consider transforming PM4 and PM7 projects that only involve hood and hot air system. After installing the tosk hood on PM4, the natural gas consumption was reduced by 12.5% and the paper machine speed was increased by 50m/min. The results of PM7 transformation are similar. The natural gas consumption is reduced by 13.3% and the speed is increased by 50m/min

generally speaking, for the toilet paper machine with an output of 30000 t/a and a thermal energy consumption of 1.3 MWh/T, saving 10% of the drying energy is equivalent to a cost reduction of about 4 euro/T of paper, i.e. 120000 euro/year. Additional savings from reducing electrical loads and increasing machine speed must also be considered

the above figures clearly show the potential benefits of using completely updated equipment, including the most advanced equipment specially used for the following purposes: it has passed the acceptance as the only utilization experiment in the Huang Huai Hai region

- energy saving: the complete heat energy recovery process is designed to generate steam and heat air and water

- regulating the hood: automatic balance system

- pollutant control: burner management system, Burner control and fine adjustment

tosk Hood: customize the technical scheme to ensure the highest reliability

in order to meet the needs of the toilet paper machine, tosk hood is completely customized. Tosk calculated the optimal combination of opening area, hole diameter and hole pattern after all the holes are completed and put into operation in WEPA giershagen factory to achieve the best performance and efficiency

tosk hood is designed and manufactured at tosk headquarters in Luca, where engineers and workers have more than 20 years of experience in hood and hot air system technology. This professional technology ensures its reliability and the continuous improvement of its design and performance

management skills for renovation projects

finally, the schedule is always crucial in the renovation project. WEPA giershagen requires tosk to arrange each stage of the project and allocate the correct resources and time to ensure accurate paper machine downtime. In the PM7 of WEPA giershagen, the scheduled downtime is 360 hours. Later, tusk completed and tested the whole work within 332 hours, that is, 28 hours ahead of the original plan

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