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Ten years of traveling with you: ten years of traveling with you: ten years of traveling with you: ten years of traveling with you: ten years of traveling with you: ten years of traveling with you -- ten weeks of traveling with you -- the golden autumn festival of Shandong Yahua construction machinery was grandly held. Wang Jiangang, chairman and general manager of the company Vice President manager, therefore, we used a large number of databases to record the conditions of all tests. Liuzhaoyuan, general manager of marketing, Dushan, industrial manufacturing, and other leaders and customers from Shandong and Lianyungang participated in this event

on the afternoon of October 18, the colorful flags of Shandong Yahua 6S center were fluttering and the music was continuous. New and old customers and friends of Sany arrived at the activity site one after another. The outdoor activities of the feedback ceremony were opened with joyful music and lively scenes. This activity has areas such as digging machine game experience, test drive experience and sany pure accessories promotion, so that customers can enjoy the true feedback of Shandong Yahua for ten years

at the event site, people gathered in various exhibition areas, and customers threw themselves into it. Applause came from time to time. Sany excavator won customers' favor with its excellent performance. Not only that, the site also prepared a wealth of small gifts for customers, so that we can enjoy the high performance of Sany excavator and have a good harvest in golden autumn

On the evening of the 18th, the infield activities of this feedback ceremony were held in Yijing Holiday Inn Linyi. In order to thank our customers and friends for their support and trust over the past decade, the activity was held in the form of dinner. At the beginning of the dinner, Mr. wangjiangang, chairman and general manager, delivered a speech. President Wang's speech was meaningful and penetrating, and all expressed gratitude to customers. At the same time, wonderful and rich lottery links were arranged on site. Customers "smash golden eggs and win big prizes", family love awards, friendship awards and love awards came back with a full load. In addition to this, the company also organized a colorful cultural program with the original coal production capacity of 31million tons in jingjixi, allowing customers to enjoy a visual feast

ten years of trials and tribulations have brought a long history of Asian and Chinese love. The company's sales performance has benefited from the support and trust of customers, the hard work and unremitting efforts of the company's employees, and the full support of Sany as always. Under the severe situation of the construction machinery industry, Sany timely adjusted its strategy and successfully outperformed the market and the industry. In the first half of 2014, Sany sold more than 8700 excavators, with a comprehensive market share of more than 15%, and continued to occupy the first position in the market, followed by foreign giants caterpillar and Komatsu. At the same time, on September 25, the Chinese version of fortune released the list of "most admired Chinese companies" in 2014. Sany Heavy Industry, a construction machinery giant, was listed for the fourth time, ranked first in the "manufacturing" industry, and became the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise selected into the top 50 of the list. The "ranking list of the most admired Chinese companies" is one of the authoritative reports for domestic enterprises to measure their reputation. According to the latest list, there are only two listed companies in the manufacturing industry, Sany ranked 12th, and China Aerospace Science and Technology Group ranked 47th. As the only enterprise in the construction machinery industry listed on the list, this is the fourth time that Sany has been shortlisted as one of the top 50 "most appreciated Chinese companies". It can be seen that Sany has an unshakable leading position in the domestic construction machinery industry

it has been a long way for Yahua to start a business. Over the past ten years, Yahua has gone through trials and hardships and won today's applause; Years and months do not live, and heaven rewards diligence. Under the leadership of all leaders, Yahua will enter into tomorrow's glory

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