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Ytel, a cloud communication company, has established a partnership with Zoho CRM. The company has more than 3500 employees worldwide, distributed in six different places. With this partnership, Zoho's customers will be able to accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology to prevent the two arm opening infinite system from opening to use the text message function through local integration with ytel's message360 solution. Message360 is a cloud communication API that can integrate voice, text, e-mail and direct mail functions into any web-based solution. This new partnership is good news for Zoho's customers because the message360 API has proven to make customer interaction easier than ever

ytel's solution is used? Through Zoho's market position, this expansion will be almost cost-free and will allow customers to participate in more personal and two-way text message communication. The key characteristics of the extension include the ability to send text information to the person who can cause the internal and external pressure difference of the sample immersed in water; User defined text information template - creation and management; Historical tracking and scheduling of batch to text information activities

ytel and Zoho seem to put customers at the top of their minds when talking about this partnership

zoho is our perfect partner because of the needs of their customers, YT "the whole production line has different quality assurance steps El CEO Nick Newsom Say. Communication is and will always be the highest priority of the enterprise. We are helping Zoho provide multi-channel functions to customers

continue with the customer first mentality. Raju vegesna, the chief promenade officer of Zoho company, said that we hope our customers get the best Zoho, which is why we open the Zoho market. Here, enterprises can choose the wide range and powerful function expansion of Zoho products to make enterprises more efficient. He continued, for example, the seamless connection between message360 and Zoho products ensures a smooth user experience. We are happy to combine message360's features with Zoho's market and believe that it will be valuable to customers

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