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You should know about micro electricity.

compared with traditional electricity, micro electricity is an autonomous system that can realize self-control, protection and management. Micro power has many advantages, for example, it can effectively solve the problem of wind, light and other clean energy and consumption. The power transmission radius is small and the line loss is very low. It can also solve the joint application of aviation alloy powder for 3D printing by the Ministry of finance; It has become a qualified supplier of AVIC 351 plant for peak load regulation and standby

about the principle and structure of micro electricity! To put it simply, micro power is a small power generation and distribution system composed of distributed power supply, power load, energy storage, distribution facilities, monitoring and protection devices. After introducing the principle, let's tell you what characteristics you have to be qualified for micro power! (knock on the blackboard. The following are all knowledge points. Friends must use plastic instead of steel, glass, wood and other materials. Remember

(I) miniature. It is mainly reflected in the low voltage level, generally 35 kV and below, the small scale of the system, and the system capacity (maximum power load) is not greater than 20 MW in principle

(II) cleaning. The power supply is mainly generated by local renewable energy, or the power generation type aiming at the comprehensive utilization of energy such as natural gas multi supply is encouraged to adopt new clean technologies such as fuel cells. Among them, the installed capacity of renewable energy accounts for more than 50%, or the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of the natural gas multi cogeneration system is more than 70%

(III) autonomy. Wechat has a control system to ensure the power consumption of loads and the independent operation of electrical equipment. It has the ability of power supply and demand self balancing operation and black start. It can ensure the continuous power supply of important loads (not less than 2 hours) during independent operation. It is to be confirmed. The annual exchange electricity between micro electricity and external electricity generally does not exceed 50% of the annual electricity consumption

(IV) friendly. The exchange power and exchange period between micro electricity and external electricity are controllable, which can realize two-way services such as standby, peak shaving and demand side response with integrated electricity, meet the power quality requirements of users, realize friendly interaction with integrated electricity and friendly energy use of users

(V) economy. The cost of renewable energy power generation is much lower than that of ordinary power generation. At the same time, micro electricity has the characteristics of peak shaving and valley filling, which is also a good hand to reduce the electricity cost. The economy of micro electricity is also unique

the first application stunt of micro electricity - isolated island micro electricity

under isolated island operation conditions, micro electricity is disconnected from public electricity (the outside world), and electricity operation (self-sufficiency of the small world) is maintained through micro power generation and energy storage equipment. Wechat regulates the intermittent problem of renewable energy by controlling the charging and discharging of energy storage, and uses local wind energy, solar energy or other renewable energy to generate power (the residents of Taohuayuan depend on mountains and rivers) to ensure that the load demand in different periods of time can be met

I believe that you must have the most intuitive understanding of islanding microelectronics through simple metaphors, so Xiao Yi began to explain the principle of islanding microelectronics for you from a professional perspective

firstly, in the isolated island micro power operation, when the facilities are disconnected from the public power, the power generation equipment in the micro is used to maintain the power operation. Load balancing in microelectronics is a challenge. Renewable energy is intermittent, and the load will change randomly. The power system only composed of renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) has no inertia, so rotating generators and energy storage must be used to match the available power with the changing load

let's see how the isolated island micro electricity operates in a day

late night to early morning (10pm-6am)

power demand: low

as time goes from late night to dawn, wind energy plays a significant role in reducing power supply demand. During this period of low demand and high wind energy, energy shall be stored by charging. Near sunrise, there is basically no available wind and solar energy. The energy storage can support the additional load of the generator, and the load may also need to be cut off at this time

daytime (6am-6pm)

power demand: gradually rising

from sunrise to the whole morning, the demand for solar energy and power supply began to rise. The fossil fuel generator provides the base load. Solar power generation has reduced the demand for fossil fuel power generation, and the demand for energy storage power generation is also decreasing. By afternoon, the demand for solar energy and electricity began to rise again. Fossil fuel power generation increases, and the stored energy can be replenished on demand. All additional solar energy is used for battery charging to meet night demand

late peak (6pm-10pm)

power demand: the demand is complex

all fossil fuel generators are used to provide basic load. Wind energy reduces the demand for these generators. The gap of power supply demand can be made up by charging or discharging the battery. The nighttime demand management is very complicated, so the load diversion or demand transfer should be reasonably planned

summary of isolated island micro electricity

in isolated island micro electricity, the power consumption of internal load fluctuates with the demand in different time periods. Fossil fuel power generation ensures the basic power supply. Renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, etc.) makes gap replenishment and energy storage charging according to the demand in different time periods. It can meet the load demand through reasonable planning and demand forecasting, and reduce the operating cost at the same time

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