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If you want to apply for the major of artificial intelligence, you must know these things.

what kind of underlying ability is necessary to apply for the major of artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence interdisciplinary involves a wide range of disciplines. How to choose a major? What factors should be considered when choosing schools and cities

the results will be announced soon, and the college entrance examination students are increasingly concerned about the choice of artificial intelligence majors. As a representative of AI head enterprises and AI 3D sensor unicorn, Obi Zhongguang has collected the first-line information, integrated the market frontier dynamics and prospects, and prepared a dry supply for college entrance examination students from the perspective closest to the AI industry

look forward to the near future and explore the imaginative future of artificial intelligence with you who are interested in using AI to improve people's lives


there is a threshold for majors. What abilities are important

as an emerging discipline with high comprehensiveness and intersection, artificial intelligence is the raw material of automotive interior decoration parts. P the global graphene industry will exceed the level of trillion yuan. P relatively speaking, the hardness is not high and the content covers a wide range. According to incomplete statistics, its core courses include computer science, mathematics and statistics, artificial intelligence ethics, neural networks, cybernetics, machine learning, image understanding, bionics, perception, etc

Xi'an Jiaotong University artificial intelligence undergraduate course group

in learning artificial intelligence, one is to have a solid mathematical foundation, such as mathematics and statistics, computer science and other core courses have high requirements for mathematical ability and logical thinking; Second, students should have the ability of independent learning and hands-on practice. Some courses have a large number of experiments, and students need to spend energy in the laboratory to practice the knowledge they have learned

of course, Obi Jun believes that the most important thing is to cultivate your own interest. After all, interest is the source of motivation for learning


how to choose so many schools

not long ago, in the "2018 record and approval results of undergraduate majors of general colleges and universities" published by the Ministry of education, 35 colleges and universities across the country won the first batch of construction qualifications. Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beihang University and other universities that have arranged AI related majors in advance will also start enrollment this year

what dimensions can interested students consider comprehensively

■ faculty. Artificial intelligence is a new field, and the resources of excellent teachers are very scarce. Therefore, when selecting schools, priority should be given to colleges and universities with a history of artificial intelligence technology research and guaranteed teachers

■ further education potential. Most of the four-year undergraduate programs of artificial intelligence newly established in 2019 are set up to cultivate application-oriented talents. However, it is worth noting that at present, master's degrees are still required for core positions such as Algorithm Engineers in many domestic AI enterprises. Therefore, choosing colleges and universities in alliance type or areas with rich educational resources can get twice the result with half the effort when applying for postgraduate entrance examination

■ start from the University region. The areas where AI enterprises are concentrated can provide more practical opportunities and employment choices. According to the data of China industry information, among the top 100 Chinese AI business enterprises in 2018, the largest number of enterprises were located in Beijing (49), followed by Shanghai (22) and Shenzhen (11). Students can also consider the city factor when filling in their volunteers


the employment prospect is broad. What kind of AI talents are the most sought after

not long ago, the CCTV financial channel trading time focused on the current situation of the fierce competition for talents in the artificial intelligence market. Obi Zhongguang, as the head enterprise representative, sent a hero post to the global AI elites in an interview, offering millions of annual salary, equity incentive and other favorable conditions

Obi Zhongguang posted heroic posts on CCTV to recruit global AI talents at a high salary. According to Goldman Sachs' global AI industry layout, China accounted for 51% of the global emerging AI projects in 2017, but in terms of the global AI talent reserve, 1) the physical meaning of line wear is the change in the normal dimension before and after the friction surface test of wear samples, while China only accounted for 5%. It is estimated that by 2030, China's artificial intelligence talent gap will exceed 5million

what kind of AI talents are the most sought after

huangyuanhao, founder and CEO of OBI Zhongguang, said in an interview with CCTV that there are two types of artificial intelligence talents. One is the top scientific research talents of artificial intelligence at the top of the pyramid, and the other is the talents of artificial intelligence application. The talents in greatest demand from all walks of life are concentrated in the application level of artificial intelligence, with a huge gap of hundreds of thousands or millions

it can be predicted that AI talents will be an important resource for enterprises for a long time in the future

in such an environment where AI talents are in short supply, their salary is naturally very attractive. The AI talent competitiveness report released by GMIC Beijing 2018 conference shows that the average annual salary of AI talents is about 330000, far exceeding the average annual salary of it engineering technology in the Internet industry

the future has come. Artificial intelligence is not only a tool to change the present, but also a method to subvert the future. We look forward to your excellent participation in this creative wave of technological change, so that more people can really get the rewards of scientific and technological progress and the benefits of artificial intelligence

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