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Zhongguotong service has taken a picture of you: your smart customer service is in place.

high molecular polymer has the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials.

zhongguotong service smart customer service platform

the degree of social intelligence is becoming higher and higher. With the support of big data, more and more AI customer service help people solve daily trivial problems. The time for Miss customer service to return information has long come

precipitated through 20 years of operation. The smart customer service platform of China general service has already achieved 80% of AI self-help question answering rate, completed building a workplace from zero in a short time, and the success rate of intelligent marketing transformation has exceeded 20%, forming a perfect form of man-machine coupling

digital upgrade of customer service

the smart customer service platform can provide customers with professional integrated system services (CPC) from management consulting, construction of smart customer contact platform to operation of customer contact center, realize man-machine coupling through artificial intelligence technology, improve service efficiency and quality and reduce service cost

meet customers' needs in an all-round way

customer service is no longer a simple question and answer, but also needs to meet customers' needs. The smart customer service platform of China general service has long had the ability to fully meet the needs of all kinds of customers. No matter how customers access it, they can identify strain pressure testing machines through the same platform and provide 1-to-many customer services; Using robot customer service to easily solve the homogenization problem through natural language recognition and intention prediction; Three different versions of platform services are provided

at present, the smart customer service platform has obtained a number of patents, government support and high-tech product recognition, and its reliability and high concurrency processing capacity are leading the industry

20 years of professional customer service

as a service provider who has been deeply engaged in the call center industry for 20 years. China general service has always regarded the specialty of customer service as the top priority, and has gradually formed smart customer service product systems such as smart government, smart finance, smart education, smart e-commerce and smart transportation

China general service is one of the leading call center operators providing platform + services in China. It has the integrated service capability from construction to operation and a perfect intelligent customer service product system, enabling customers to enhance value

case 1: the enabling government

service has become the national benchmark

the traffic volume of the government customer service project has increased 10 times in two years, and the artificial voice service is facing the cost bottleneck. The intelligent customer service platform realizes the stretching steps of self-help Q & a rate tensile machine testing packaging belt through AI intelligent robot + small program assistant: up to 80%, saving 30% of the labor cost; At the same time, the integrated management from standardization, automation to intelligence is realized through visual data management + big data analysis report

ranked top among more than 300 nationwide

won the Gold Award for the best public service in the global call center

won the silver award for the best customer service in the global call center

copc, 4Ps, cc-cmm and other management standard certification

public opinion monitoring, sorted out more than 10 people's livelihood hot spot special reports

case 2: enabling finance

completed the building of an enabling financial industry from 0 in a short time, and quickly responded to the needs of the deployment of 1000 seats across provinces, It has reached the highest information security control standard in the financial industry

complete the whole process from site selection to launch in two months

build the largest call center in China for customers

provide customer portraits and precision marketing services

per capita performance increased by 18%, and 20000 user labels

case 3: enabling operators

properly respond to the sudden peak of telephone business

for the national customer service business of e-commerce customers, through the outsourcing operation of more than 3000 fan groups More than 100000 fans carried out intelligent man-machine coupling services and used data analysis to screen precision marketing

solve more than 85% of the repetitive problems and ensure the connection rate

when the traffic doubles, the customer service personnel only increase by 30%

the success rate of intelligent marketing transformation exceeds 20%

China general service has a deep industry customer base and professional industry solutions. In the future, China general service intelligent customer service platform will continue to innovate and continue to build an industry-leading service platform. Communication is boundless, enabling a new future

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