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Yousuf al Bayan, vice chairman and CEO of SABIC, video keynote speech of 2020 China International Petrochemical conference. On September 23, 2020, join hands to create the future, and cooperate to achieve you and me. Good morning

first of all, I would like to thank the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation for its kind invitation

in 2018, as the vice chairman and CEO of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and the chairman of Gulf Petrochemical Association (GPCA), I went to Chengdu to participate in the China International Petrochemical conference that year

I still remember the grand occasion of the conference two years ago

this year, I have a new identity - chairman of the G20 business (B20) summit in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, on behalf of SABIC, Gulf Petrochemical Association and Saudi Arabia B20 summit, please allow me to pay my most sincere respects to the holding of this conference

the China International Petrochemical conference has always played a crucial role in shaping the future development of the petrochemical industry

the theme of the conference this year is "looking forward to the new five years and reconstructing the value chain"

indeed, thanks to this unprecedented epidemic, the whole world is undergoing reconstruction

although the epidemic continues to develop, other existing major challenges still exist. However, as far as the petrochemical industry is concerned, we are expected to achieve sustained growth driven by the Chinese and US markets

in the process of this expectation becoming a reality, I firmly believe that high-quality and sustainable development will become more important than ever before

at present, China is leading the recovery of the global economy. We have seen signs of a "V-shaped" rebound in China's economy. Its GDP grew by 3.2% year-on-year in the second quarter

in view of this, we also have full confidence in the continued stability of China's leading position in the chemical industry

in this "new normal" period of high temperature, the chemical industry is shouldering the great task of enabling economic development and ensuring that people enjoy a better life and a brighter future

&ems but we should also look at the actual parameter p of the experimental machine while paying attention to the hardware; In China, with the promulgation of the 14th five year plan, China's chemical industry is bound to usher in a historic development node soon. It will focus not only on the well-being of the Chinese people, but also on the future of the world

under the guidance of this plan, I believe that we will also usher in great development opportunities

as an enterprise that has gone through "reform and opening up" side by side with China, SABIC is eager to deepen our development in China and further consolidate our industry position

I have been deeply involved in the typical highly cyclical industry of chemical industry for many years. I have been used to looking at problems from a long-term perspective

this perspective has also helped me form a deep understanding of the depth of economic globalization and the interdependence among major economies

in combination with the global connection trend and the pillar role played by the chemical industry, I would like to make a bold inference:

the chemical industry is most likely to become the "anchor" of extensive cross industry cooperation

the key word is collaboration

in a sense, the price is usually 2~3 times that of the electronic mechanics experimental machine, which is the unprecedented close connection of human society and inadvertently triggered the epidemic

but in my opinion, the need for collaboration has become increasingly prominent, which is also an indisputable fact. After all, no industry or country can "get through" by "fighting alone"

it is worth mentioning that "promoting action through collaboration" is the main purpose of the B20 summit in Saudi Arabia, where I am the chairman

the B20 summit in Saudi Arabia is dedicated to giving voice to the global business community. In October this year, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the world will witness the fruits of all our efforts through such a two-day grand gathering of global business leaders

as president, I am confident that the B20 summit will be able to effectively deal with many key issues facing the world today

not only that, in my eyes, this summit is also a great opportunity to re emphasize the key to the spirit of collaboration to the world

at the same time, we ensure that all the suggestions and suggestions of the summit are fully integrated with the UN sustainable development goals, and will certainly play an important role in the realization of the goals

here, I would like to reiterate that without the close cooperation between B20 summit Member States and other relevant countries, all this can only be castles in the air

the whole world is longing for a cure. It was not only COVID-19 that was cured, but also the future of mankind

through cooperation and action, and by further strengthening our existing close links, I believe that all this will eventually become a reality. And in fact, this is our only way out

in SABIC, "chemistry makes you and me" is one of our major ideas

however, at this critical moment, I would like to paraphrase this idea as: "collaboration makes you and me"

cooperation makes you and me, and creates the future hand in hand

thank you

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