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If you want to establish agricultural machinery cooperatives, you should know that these

specialized agricultural machinery cooperatives are cooperatives that mainly provide agricultural machinery services. In recent years, with the increasing state subsidies for agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery cooperatives have been booming. Many people have become one of the current new types of agricultural services through the establishment of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives to carry out agricultural machinery operations, land trusteeship and other social services. So how to run an agricultural machinery cooperative

establishment process of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives

the requirements for the establishment of agricultural machinery cooperatives are basically the same as those of other cooperatives. It requires five farmers' members, registered capital, fixed office space, the establishment of the organizational structure of the Council, the board of supervisors and the members' assembly, and the handling of business licenses in the industrial and commercial departments. It should be noted that the business scope of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives may not be limited to agricultural machinery purchase, agricultural machinery service, agricultural machinery maintenance, etc., but also include agricultural materials, agricultural technology, agricultural product sales and other businesses, which are not limited by the name of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives

business that agricultural machinery cooperatives can carry out

Allan Rasmussen, senior project manager of Lego, said that agricultural machinery cooperatives can be supported by sub utilization policies to carry out farming, plant protection, harvesting and other businesses, and can also form menu services and package services. Menu services are land semi custody services, and package services are land full custody services, Form a new trusteeship service format of "farmers work in cities and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives work for farmers". At the same time, the popularization of Internet also provides space and opportunities for Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives to implement cross regional operations. Capable Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives can fully undertake agricultural machinery operation orders from other places

what are the subsidies for Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives

the subsidies that agricultural machinery cooperatives can apply for include two parts: agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and agricultural machinery operation subsidies. The subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery is a project with relatively large national subsidy at present. There are fewer and fewer stress transfer parts in the materials of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives or individual farmers can go to the local County-Level Agricultural Machinery competent department to designate agricultural machinery purchase manufacturers to purchase agricultural machinery brands and machines that enjoy financial subsidies. The subsidy will be deducted from the purchase cost of agricultural machinery at one time. At present, the aircraft used for air defense in Zhejiang and other regions will also be included in the subsidy, Agricultural machinery 1. If there is any doubt, the cooperative can seize this opportunity

in addition, agricultural machinery operation service is also the focus of national support in recent years. The Ministry of agriculture has issued policies to support the socialized service of agricultural production for two consecutive years to support the pilot of agricultural machinery farming and harvesting in various regions. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives that implement agricultural machinery operation service are given subsidies ranging from tens to hundreds per mu. In addition, there is a special subsidy fund for subsoiling of agricultural machinery. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in pilot areas participating in subsoiling of agricultural machinery can declare

in recent years, the state has been vigorously developing new agricultural business and service entities, and continuously increasing support for socialized services of agricultural production, which provides Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives with unprecedented development opportunities. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives will become the new force of agriculture in the future

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