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Rule disrupter: youao robot developed and launched the first light robot ur5

universal robots, developed and launched the first light robot UR5 and put it on the market, which achieved great success. Throughout history, this disruptive breakthrough in the market has been achieved by constantly challenging the existing rules of the game

unlike today's cars, the first car can only drive slowly along the road at a walking speed. At that time, Britain introduced the red flag act, requiring people to walk in front of each car with a red flag to ensure that no pedestrian would be hurt by the most incredible but dangerous new invention in the history of mobile tools. However, it is clear that carrying out large-scale activities with red flags is neither practical nor feasible. Although the human demand for mobile tools has increased significantly, if no one dares to abandon this law, the car will always be the toy of the rich

Aspen Osterga, chief technology officer of universal robots, UR5 and ur10 are rule disruptors in the field of industrial robots. We have seen many R & D products with anthropomorphic design in the market. Currently, UR5 and ur10 are redrawing a new robot blueprint. Both the market and the economy require robots to be more flexible and able to cooperate closely with human employees, which just forces us to the boundary of the current market game norms. Why? In fact, we don't have a clear definition of low-noise safety robots, which is as thorny as answering automobile safety questions: is it safe to let people walk in front of the car with a red flag? If equipped with safety belts, airbags, lane keeping AIDS or other such safety measures, is the vehicle safe? Although the safety performance of cars has been improved a lot in recent years, many large and small traffic accidents still occur on the road every year. But despite this, people all over the world still drive cars every day. Therefore, this obviously cannot stop our previous discussion on safety: in order to minimize the accident risk, we must know what kind of machine talents are safe enough, and what factors robot manufacturers must consider when developing products

ur actively participates in the development of new standards

youao robot company often has serious discussions on this topic. If our light robots are not equipped with additional safety equipment, it is particularly necessary to make a risk assessment in advance. The UR5 and ur10 robot models are designed to work in a cooperative mode, which can be universally applicable to all operations without a safety fence. According to paragraph 5.10.5 of the European EN ISO: 2011 standard safety requirements, it can be concluded that this is achieved by force limitation. One of the official organizations listed in the MD (2006/42/ec) machinery directive, the Danish Institute of Technology (DTI), conducted a test in 2010. The test confirmed that: due to the full application of the force limiting function, the robot will stop working immediately when it is imposed by an external force of 60 to 87 Newtons. This fully complies with the 150 Newton limit specified in the European EN ISO: 2006 standard safety requirements at that time. This safety standard has been replaced by the European EN ISO: 2011 standard safety requirements. Although the standard has changed, the latest standard requires that the robot's strength and load force in application must comply with the above risk assessment standards, so this has not changed the safety of the robot manipulator

the iso/tc 184/sc 2/wg 3 International Standardization Working Committee under the international organization for Standardization ISO has realized that the gap between the standard and the reality is becoming more and more obvious., In order to make the rules more applicable, the working committee established a new ts15066 standard for cooperative robots. However, even with the adoption of this new regulation, the topic of security is still worrying. Because, apart from the future development of automation, the existing standards can no longer match the current situation of the automation market. It is urgent to establish a new standard. Youao robot company actively participated in the standard setting of the committee, because we believe that the market not only needs light cooperative robots, but also needs appropriate rules to constrain the production requirements of robots

remarkable progress made by robots in the process of industrialization

combined with human thoughts and wisdom, cooperative robots have made remarkable progress in the process of industrialization. For example, customers' investment in our products is based on the following product features:

1 The operator can program the robot to greatly improve its flexibility to meet human needs

2. It can help small and medium-sized enterprises grow steadily, avoid unnecessary risks, and maintain their global competitiveness

212 doors and windows

3 In short, youao robot only needs safety fence in few cases or even no safety fence in most cases, and supports more human-computer interaction, which can more effectively improve productivity, production quality and production safety

vanadium prices continued to fall

human computer interaction can combine the ability to repeat and accurately perform tasks with the ability to think and solve problems. We, youao robot company, try our best to develop new robot applications, and pay great attention to the safety of their applications. We believe that the ever-changing technology and deepening common sense will enable industrial automation to achieve more new breakthroughs in the near future

about the author

Mr. Aspen H. osterga is the chief technical officer of youao robot company, responsible for the optimization of the company's existing ur robot products and the research and development of new products. Mr. osterga holds a doctor's degree in robotics and is one of the inventors of ur robot. From 2001 to 2005, he served as a researcher and associate professor of robotics and user interface at the University of Southern Denmark, and founded the industrial robot transformation foundation. In 2005, Mr. osterga and two other research partners jointly founded youao robot company. At present, youao robot company has nearly 30 robot patent technologies. In addition to serving as the company's chief technology officer, Mr. osterga has also participated in a number of national scientific research projects and served as an off campus examiner in many Danish universities. At the early stage of his career, Mr. osterga served as a research scientist at the University of Southern California and a visiting researcher at the National Institute of industrial technology in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. osterga studied computer science, physics and multimedia at Aarhus University in Denmark, and began to focus on robot research. Mr. osterga is fond of robot soccer and won the robot soccer World Cup in 1998

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