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Yuchai Association for science and technology held the first professional and technical competition to stimulate innovation enthusiasm, Stimulate the engineering and technical personnel to increase their sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for creation in a short time with a high degree of responsibility, and actively contribute to the second venture of Yuchai group. Recently, the science and Technology Association of Yuchai group held the first professional and technical competition, with 195 engineering and technical personnel from all units of the group participating

the competition consists of three items: UG modeling, equipment electrical and machining center, which are divided into two items: theoretical examination and practical skills. There are 1 special prize, 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes in this competition. After the professional judges carefully evaluated the theoretical achievements and practical skills, ye Jie of the Engineering Research Institute, Gan Fu of the foundry, and Li Jibo of the fifth development plant won the titles of UG modeling, equipment electrical, and processing center respectively. Ye Jie won the special prize of this competition

Yuchai group held an award ceremony in front of the cultural center building. Xujianwei, chairman of Yulin science and Technology Association, ningxingyong, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., lichengjie, chairman of the trade union of the group, and chenjinyuan, chairman of the "two sessions" attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winners

chenjinyuan made a general comment on the competition. (2) dig a pit down the installation position of the experimental machine. He said that the professional and technical competition has built a stage for scientific and technical personnel to show their talents and exchange skills. The players competed seriously, showing their level and style. Chenjinyuan said that the "two sessions" will give full play to the advantages of technicians and engineers, actively innovate in management and technology, stimulate the joint efforts of "Double Teachers" and inject lasting vitality into the company's technological innovation

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