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There is no need to look at the brand-new Langyi. The appearance gives you 235 LED light sources. The fuel consumption is 4.9l, less than 80000

when it comes to entry-level cars, I think the joint venture cars are market giants in terms of product power and reputation. Almost all of the top ten in the sales list are occupied by German and Japanese models, especially Nissan Xuanyi and Toyota Corolla, which are favored by consumers because of their low fuel consumption, It has been competing for the position of sales champion, and it is almost impossible to distinguish. However, this situation has not been deadlocked until the launch of Langyi Pius, which began to have a fixed frame again. The freshness after the change made the former overlord regain the title of sales champion. So now the joint venture cars are showing a trend of catching up with each other, and no one dares to relax. In contrast, in the domestic car market, it seems that there is no sense of competition. For example, it is almost difficult to see the self owned brands of sales giants in the car field. Only Geely Dihao can make a little appearance, while others are just a flash in the pan, such as Changan Ruichi CC, Zhongtai Z700, Dongfeng A9, red flag H5, etc., which are all typical examples of how to sell. Therefore, the burden of domestic cars still has to be placed on Geely. For example, Geely recently launched the Binrui, which is very convincing. The appearance gives you 235 LED light sources. The fuel consumption is 4.9l, less than 80000. There is no need to look at the brand new Langyi

for German models, although the sales volume is good in China, from my personal point of view, German models only have more than 200000 are the embodiment of technology and quality. For models below 200000, the product power is absolutely average, not only the configuration is low, but also the handling is ambiguous. So for the range of 100000, we can fully consider this Geely Binrui. First of all, Geely brand not only has a very high popularity and reputation in China, but also is even more powerful after acquiring Volvo. This 1.0T model of Geely Binrui is integrated into the core technology of Volvo. It can be expressed in this way, "the heart of domestic car logo joint venture" so technically, we don't have to worry too much. Secondly, the price range of this car is also very real, from 79800 to 110800. This price range is highly coincident with Chery's arize GX

for Geely, it has been steadily rising in the market in recent years. Looking at the whole domestic automobile market, Geely, which has the most complete automobile system and the strongest comprehensive strength, must be one of them, because Geely has a certain sales volume and reputation in both the SUV field and the car field. For example, Geely Dihao and Geely Bo are highly recognized by the Chinese people. Especially in the car field, Dihao is the only independent brand model that has entered the top ten sales list, Even Chery, which has always been proud of three major items, failed to make the list. This time, after keeping the operation room dry, put the experimental samples into the operation room for further experiments. Geely's decision not to use this new entry-level car is Geely's determination to challenge the joint venture model again. It not only has rich configuration and sharp appearance, but also 5 The high current contact of the switchboard brings Volvo's technology to consumers. As we all know, the previous technology only appeared in Geely's luxury model link, and even the brand SUV boyue had no chance to try it. Therefore, this car is absolutely persuasive among its peers

in terms of appearance design, the air intake grille of the car still adopts the family ripple design. Although it is not tall, it does have a high degree of recognition. In terms of headlamp design, it is the essence of the car to make the internal and external pressure difference of the sample immersed in water. Both the radian of the shape and the collocation of light sources are very good, especially the double slash steering light in front, which seems to see the shadow of Mercedes Benz. As for the rear lights, we are still not disappointed. Not only is the division of labor clear, but also the light source is designed with LED. 235 led beads render the luxurious atmosphere of the car, making the lighting effect of the whole car particularly outstanding. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of this car are 4680/1785/1460mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2670mm. In terms of body size, this car can never be considered inferior in the same basic. Compared with Langyi, it is absolutely half the weight

I'm used to the traditional and old-fashioned interior of the public. Let's take a look at this Binrui. It's a visual enjoyment. The overall layout is simple, empty, luxurious and fashionable. The center console adopts the combination of straight line and arc, which sets off Geely's new design concept. The decorative plate with metal texture can really give people a feeling of lingering. In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with a large 10.25 inch color screen and a car coupling system. Let the technology level of this car further sublimate. Moreover, the high-end models are also equipped with wireless charging, which is almost full. However, the only deficiency is that the lowest equipped model does not have an ESP body stability system, which is really embarrassing

in terms of power, this car is equipped with 1.0T and 1.4T turbochargers. The 1.0T engine is equipped with a 6-speed dual clutch gearbox, and the 1.4T engine is equipped with a 6-speed manual and CVT stepless gearbox. The 1.0T model is supported by Volvo technology, and the official fuel consumption per 100 km is only 4.9l. The fuel economy is really good. Generally speaking, the design of the appearance and interior of this car has kept up with the times, and it is absolutely not inferior to the new Langyi of Volkswagen in terms of cost performance and configuration. Therefore, the market performance of this car should not disappoint us. There is no need to look at the new Langyi

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