You need these tips to identify tempered glass

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You need these tips to distinguish tempered glass.

nowadays, with the continuous development of manufacturers' production technology, glass also has a variety of new types, has more and stronger functions, and gradually replaces ordinary glass. Tempered glass has higher strength and impact resistance than ordinary glass, so it is used in many occasions where glass strength is required. However, due to the small difference in hardness and appearance between tempered glass and ordinary glass, some defective manufacturers have used this idea and sold ordinary glass to consumers as tempered glass. Here we will introduce how to distinguish whether the glass is tempered, so as to help you avoid being cheated

I: how to distinguish whether the glass is tempered

1 Polarizer identification

wear polarizing sunglasses to watch the glass. The surface of tempered glass should show color stripes, but ordinary glass does not; Look at the glass with the naked eye through the side under the light. There will be blue spots on the tempered glass

2. Look at the mark and check the certificate

since the safety glass product certification was carried out in 2003, most of the building tempered/laminated glass production enterprises in China have passed the product certification. The enterprises must screen or paste the CCC Mark on the sold product body, or add the CCC Mark on its outer package and attached documents.

when purchasing products, first check whether there is CCC Mark, and according to the enterprise information The factory number or product certification certificate number can be used to check whether the manufacturer of the product has passed the compulsory product certification, whether the model and specification of the product are within the capability range of the enterprise that has passed the compulsory certification, and whether the certification certificate status is within the period of validity

3. Touch the surface to find radian

the flatness of tempered glass is worse than that of ordinary glass. If you touch the surface of tempered glass with your hands, you will feel concave and convex. Observe the longer edge of tempered glass, and there will be a certain radian. The current standard gb15763.2-2005 for flat tempered glass products requires that the bow curvature should not exceed 0.3%, and the waveform curvature should not exceed 0.2% of the desolite supercoatings production line we have added in our factory in Taiwan, The radian will be more obvious when two large pieces of tempered glass are pressed together

II: how to visually identify tempered glass

1 Generally, the trademark on the glass is printed with high-temperature ink, so it can be basically judged to be tempered. Unless the trademark can be scraped off, it may not be tempered.

2 There is a simple way to judge the tempering. Stand up and watch the scenery reflected on the glass. The standing weight decreases from 15kg to 6kg. From different angles, the scenery shows regular wave deformation. It can be judged that it is tempered. It is the glass reinforcement produced after tempering.

3 If there is a lot of glass, it will be exploded. The fragments are small particles, and there are no large sharp fragments, that is, the tempered glass

III: precautions for purchasing and using tempered glass

1. when purchasing tempered glass, consumers must provide the seller with relevant test reports or make a written description of the type of glass. After the tempered glass has quality problems, some sellers may change their words to say that the products they sell are reinforced glass rather than tempered glass, causing unnecessary trouble

2. when purchasing glass products, users can distinguish the quality of glass from the appearance. When purchasing glass products by using the fatigue life testing system with wide range, reliable performance and low operation cost, you can observe through the glass in a place with good light to see whether there are bubbles, inclusions, pits, scratches and other defects on the glass surface

3. when purchasing glass, pay attention to measuring its thickness. Some manufacturers may cut corners in these aspects

4. for users who purchase glass in large quantities, especially when purchasing safety glass products, the seller must show the relevant safety certification and warranty

5. due to the hidden danger of self explosion of tempered glass, consumers should try to avoid hard impact on the corners of tempered glass and maintain elastic contact when installing and using tempered glass. When installing glass doors and windows, the hard adhesive strips around them shall not be inlaid too tightly

6. for the glass grid used in the shower room, it is best to apply film on the inner side, so that even in case of accidents, the glass will not splash everywhere, which can minimize personal injury

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