The hottest price of soda ash on January 10

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On January 10, the price of soda ash was adjusted at a high level in Central China. The mainstream ex factory quotation of light soda ash was about 20 elastic modulus, the maximum experimental force was about 8 yuan/ton, and the heavy soda was about yuan/ton. The spot was still difficult to find in the short term. It is expected that the local market will fluctuate in a narrow range in the later period

on January 10, the mainstream light soda ash in East China was about yuan/ton, and the heavy soda ash was about yuan/ton. The demand performance of the downstream glass industry is still relatively stable, and the market is dominated by many small orders. It is expected that there is still a small upward space in the soda ash market in the short term

on January 10, the soda ash in North China was consolidated at a high level. The mainstream factory quotation of light soda was about yuan/ton, and that of heavy soda was about yuan/ton. Affected by environmental protection, the supply and demand were still tight. It was expected that in the later stage, the market situation in the region would fluctuate in a narrow range to produce these products

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