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Sanlu expands the beverage market

Sanlu Group's series of new products Sanlu walnut milk, Sanlu almond milk, Sanlu peanut milk, Sanlu walnut sauce and so on have been listed recently. This is a series of new products produced by Shuangjia Food Co., Ltd. after the cooperation between Sanlu Group and shishijiazhuang Shuangjia Food Co., Ltd

it is reported that Shijiazhuang Shuangjia Food Co., Ltd. has a total investment of more than 60 million yuan, an annual production capacity of more than 200000 tons, and its products have 5 series and more than 30 varieties. After cooperating with Sanlu Group, the company has carried out a series of reforms within the enterprise, strengthened the internal management of the enterprise, established and improved the quality management assurance system, improved the quality, supervision and testing means, and the product quality has been reliably guaranteed, meeting the quality standards required by Sanlu Group

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