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The participation of sankeshu health glue in the "27th aluminum door, window and curtain wall New Product Expo" ended perfectly

sankeshu health glue in the "27th aluminum door, window and curtain wall New Product Expo" ended perfectly

March 17, 2021

the "27th aluminum door, window and curtain wall New Product Expo" hosted by the aluminum door, window and curtain wall branch of China building metal structure association was held in March It was grandly held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo! As the first door and window curtain wall exhibition in China, it is also a grand event for the development of the adhesive industry. It attracts many excellent brands and professional customers in the industry every year. This exhibition is of great strategic significance to the whole industry. There are more than 700 exhibitors in this exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 100000 square meters, covering building sealant, profiles, hardware accessories, system doors and windows, prefabricated buildings and other aspects

sankeshu health glue this exhibition aims to show the brand power of sankeshu, expand the influence of the industry, and attract more excellent partners to participate in the great cause of sankeshu paint. After intensive preparation, sankeshu health glue appeared in the exhibition with its high-end brand image and high-quality products. There was an endless stream of visitors entering the exhibition hall. Sankeshu can automatically return after the experiment; With its high standard of reception and service, the visitors were deeply impressed by the universal experimental machine, which is basically used in the fatigue experiment of metal materials, and the exchange enthusiasm was high

at the exhibition, sankeshu health adhesive tape came from four series and many categories of products. Covering the seven categories of sealant, styrofoam, silicone, white glue, nail free glue, strong glue, dry hanging glue and marble glue, it is suitable for all kinds of architectural decoration fields to create a full bonding system solution

the overall design of the exhibition hall reflects the high-end positioning of sankeshu brand and stands out among many exhibition halls; Sankeshu health glue has always been at the forefront of the industry. Through the strategic layout of high-end retail, it has laid a solid foundation in both traditional and retail channels. At the same time, we have actively developed online retail business and established a perfect retail system that is the best way to find faults through continuous exploration and attempt. Through the offline retail project team, it is expected that its partners will use compression molding, injection molding, machining and 3D printing to produce plastic parts. The combination of terminals and online retail will gradually expand the advantages of new retail

as a highlight of the exhibition hall, the transparent live broadcast room at the exhibition site attracted many visitors to stop and participate in the interaction. The atmosphere was warm. Through the combination of online channels and offline terminal retail, it provided more possibilities for the development of the adhesive industry

we are determined to innovate and never stop. Sanxingshu health glue always adheres to the concept of making home healthier and city more beautiful. It also makes the audience and customers at the exhibition deeply feel the charm of sanxingshu's corporate culture and the style of a big country brand, which is deeply loved and supported by everyone

through the high-end appearance of this year's exhibition, it is believed that sankeshu health glue will enter an era of rapid development. At the same time, sankeshu health glue will continue to be committed to providing consumers with high-quality products, providing full adhesive system solutions for a better life, meeting the diverse needs of consumers and helping the healthy development of the industry

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