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Sankeshu paint Co., Ltd. is listed as a key listed backup enterprise in Fujian Province. Meizhouji entrepreneurial service department has established a group for each entrepreneurial unit. Recently, it was learned from relevant departments that 20 enterprises in Meizhou were listed as key listed backup enterprises in Fujian Province in 2010, of which Minzhong organic food has been listed in Singapore, and the remaining 19 enterprises are: sankeshu paint Co., Ltd., Putian Gas Co., Ltd., Hualin vegetable base Xinwanxin (Fujian) precision sheet, Hongcheng pharmaceutical, Zhongke Wanbang optoelectronics, Baixiang car accessories, with a precision of ± 0.02%, Caizi Clothing Co., Ltd., Guo's (Fujian) shoes industry, Huafeng shoes industry, Tianyi (Fujian) agricultural development, Hongli printing and packaging, Xinmei food, Zhengyuan feed, Southeast PolyOne after the completion of the transaction, Xiangmi industry development, eliai shoes and clothing, standard wood industry, Tsinghua garden electrical appliance development, Huida Fashion Co., Ltd

it is reported that the provincial development and Reform Commission will give priority to capital market knowledge training, enterprise restructuring and listing, issuance of corporate bonds, introduction of strategic investors and other aspects. Supervisors should be present at the operation site; Holding provincial key listed backup enterprises, Meizhou city will also give priority support in implementing various support policies and arranging various financial fund subsidies. Sankeshu paint

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