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now with the completion of road hardening in rural infrastructure construction, many villages have begun to install street lamps. Especially with the promotion of new energy by the construction of beautiful villages, now solar LED street lamps have generally become the main light source of rural road lighting. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the installation of rural street lamps, the following requirements for the installation of solar LED street lamps during the lighting of rural roads

the first point is the requirements of light source quality. The service life of solar LED street light source is years, and the warranty period of the light source is 2 years. And in the process of using the solar LED street lamp, we need to do a good job in the solar LED street lamp light source. We know that the pendulum impact tester is a heat dissipation treatment for the impact resistance of relevant materials under dynamic load, so as to ensure the service life of the solar LED street lamp light source

the second point is to ensure the stability of solar LED street lamps. Ensure that the solar LED street lamp will not suddenly go out. Since solar LED street lamps are powered by solar batteries, it must be ensured that solar LED street lamps can achieve stable lighting in rainy weather, and there will be no sudden extinction or insufficient lighting time

outdoor lighting fixtures are used outdoors, for example, Park (5) new material quality standard improvement project, square, both sides of the road and outdoor advertising lamps

outdoor lighting fixtures mainly include: lawn lights, courtyard lights, tunnel lights, floodlights, underwater lights, street lights, wall washing lights, landscape lights, buried lights, etc

lamp Description: the lamp panel framework is made of high-quality section steel, which is hot-dip galvanized, and the sealing plate is made of aluminum plate. The bolts and nuts of fasteners are stainless steel

special note: the lamp body must be safely grounded during installation

compared with home lighting, outdoor lighting has the characteristics of high power, strong brightness, large volume, long service life and low maintenance cost

take street lamps as an example:

suitable places: roads, and the use is becoming more and more common. Overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yards, ports, airports and public leisure squares, etc

features: beautiful appearance, strong decoration, large lighting area, good lighting effect, centralized light source, uniform illumination, small glare, easy to control and repair

solar road 5. Hang the pendulum of the impact tester on the release device, and the lamp system can ensure normal operation in rainy weather for more than 15 days! Its system is composed of LED light source (including drive), solar panel, battery (including battery incubator), solar street lamp controller, street lamp pole (including foundation) and auxiliary material wire

solar cell modules generally use monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules; LED lamp cap generally adopts high-power LED light source; The controller is generally placed in the lamp pole, with light control, time control, overcharge and discharge protection and reverse connection protection. The more advanced controller has the function of adjusting the lighting time in four seasons, half power function, intelligent charge and discharge function, etc; Batteries are generally placed underground or there will be special battery incubators, which can be valve regulated lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, iron aluminum batteries or lithium batteries. The solar lamp works automatically, without trenching and wiring, but the lamp pole needs to be installed on the embedded parts (concrete base)

courtyard lights occupy a large part of the lighting of the community. The cleaning and maintenance of courtyard lights is an indispensable part of the community. Let's explain how to clean and maintain courtyard lights

1. Courtyard lighting is generally dusty. When cleaning, wipe it with a wet rag. Keep the action in the same direction. Don't rub it back and forth. The strength should be moderate, especially for chandeliers and wall lamps

2. Clean the interior of the lamp. When cleaning the bulb, turn off the lamp first. When wiping, you can remove the bulb and wipe it separately. If you clean the lamp directly, do not rotate the bulb clockwise to prevent the lamp cap from being screwed too tightly and peeling off

maintenance of courtyard lighting

1. Do not hang items on the lamp, such as cotton quilts

2. Frequent switching will greatly reduce its service life, so try to reduce the switching of lamps when using lamps

3. If the lampshade is tilted during use or cleaning, it should be corrected immediately to maintain beauty

4. When adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoid the shadow reflected by the Trident bracket in the lamp when the lamp is on

5. Replace the aged lamp tube in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If it is found that the two ends of the lamp tube are red, the lamp tube is black, or there is a black shadow, and the lamp tube cannot jump on, replace the lamp tube in time to prevent the ballast from burning out and other unsafe phenomena

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