The hottest Sanjing electric held the 2011 spring

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Sanjing electric held the 2011 spring festival celebration

spring returns to the earth and everything is renewed. As the Spring Festival approaches, in order to welcome the Spring Festival, the company held the annual grand festival - Spring Festival party at the venue of Yangtze River Group on January 22, and invited Infineon and many other well-known partners to participate

at the party, general manager Lu summarized the performance of TRICRYSTAL inverter in the past year, and also described the bright future of TRICRYSTAL HRE electric

sketch, dance, chorus, crosstalk, excellent staff speech, small games, recitation The passionate and unrestrained theme pushed the party to a climax together

Xin needs to fine grind and process the rough machined workpieces. After enjoying the wonderful program performance, all employees gathered at Yuanhua restaurant for dinner. During the dinner, a lottery was held, with rich and colorful prizes, including laptop, Shangben, mountain bike, e-book, digital camera, induction cooker, etc., and the winning rate was 100%. With the birth of awards, all employees were enthusiastic, which made the festive atmosphere of the whole dinner wave by wave

jade glows and illuminates the triplet path in hydraulic rotation; Complacent, blowing flowers. This Spring Festival Gala not only provided a stage for employees to show their talents, but also showed the rapid development momentum of Sanjing electric to the outside world. I believe that in the new year, Sanjing Electric will climb the peak and create brilliance again