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Sanlish is deeply involved in the "pollution gate" additional issuance or subject to

after Jinke energy, another listed company has fallen into the "pollution gate" to some extent

on September 22, sanlish () announced that the company had received the notice of order for rectification from Shaoxing County Environmental Protection Bureau a few days ago, requiring the company to improve the dust removal treatment effect of the internal mixing workshop. What can we expect; Timely replace the adsorbed activated carbon in the gasoline exhaust gas recovery device in strict accordance with the regulations; Permanently block the rainwater drain; Phase out coal-fired boilers within a time limit; Explore the collection and treatment of unorganized process waste gas from various production workshops

some funders said that the implementation of the additional issuance plan previously released by sanlish may be affected by the environmental protection rectification

on September 22, sanlish fell by 4.09% to close at 11.02 yuan

the complaint broke out the "pollution gate"

sanlish originally intended to compensate each villager 10000 yuan, but it was not accepted by the villagers

the outbreak of sanlish's "environmental gate" came from villagers' complaints

in mid September, the villagers of Yuzhu village in Shaoxing County gathered together to discuss with sanlish. The villagers believed that the waste water discharged by sanlish rubber factory every day polluted the environment of Yuzhu village

the announcement shows that the Shaoxing County Environmental Protection Bureau this time is precisely because "recently, the masses have more reactions to the environmental pollution of your unit. In order to further improve the environmental management level of the enterprise and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, our bureau has investigated and verified the following five rectification requirements for the current situation of the enterprise."

a local person in Shaoxing told that in fact, the pollution problem of sanlish has a long history, but it has not been solved. "This time the situation is different. The villagers of Yuzhu village clashed with sanlishi, which alerted the police."

according to sanlish announcement, "three wastes" are not standardized, mainly because the SO2 emission of the company is about 21.096 tons/year, exceeding the total amount control requirement of 20.4 tons/year specified in the reply; The domestic sewage of the company is directly discharged into the nearby river, and is not connected to the external discharge pipe of Shaoxing County; The company did not establish a standardized outlet for domestic sewage according to the specifications

for this reason, sanlish said, "for SO2 emissions exceeding the total amount control specified in the reply, the company will reduce the production of some low-end products, organize production in strict accordance with the production process registered in the environmental assessment, and ensure that the emissions meet the total amount control requirements. In order to further solve the problem of sewage discharge, the company has collected and treated all industrial and domestic sewage, and then connected to the external discharge pipe of Shaoxing County."

the above-mentioned people in Shaoxing also revealed to the villagers that sanlish originally intended to compensate each villager 10000 yuan, but it was not accepted by the villagers

"the villagers are not worried about this, but hope that sanlish Xinjiang Zhonghe is an important part of the three national strategic emerging industries of TBEA 1 high school, 2 new, and can be relocated from Yuzhu village. No matter whether the sewage from the rubber plant will cause cancer, the villagers still hope that the government can give up sanlish. However, this is unlikely, because sanlish is a large local taxpayer."

or affect the additional issuance

before the rectification is completed, whether the additional issuance project of sanlish can be implemented as scheduled remains in doubt

for the "pollution gate", sanlish said it would take corrective measures. According to its announcement, according to the preliminary prediction, the new investment required by the rectification company is about 8.7285 million yuan, most of which is the investment in the company's fixed assets. The direct expensed cost in the year is 2.0285 million yuan, and the actual impact after deducting income tax is 1.7242 million yuan, accounting for only 2.79% of the company's net profit in 2010, which does not have a significant adverse impact on the company

however, affected by the news of "pollution gate", sanlish's stock price on September 22 was still able to carry out various tests with different clamps, accessories, two-point extenders and load yuan, down 4.09% to close at 11.02 yuan

it is worth noting that not long ago, sanlish just disclosed the private placement plan: it plans to issue no more than 45million shares to specific objects at a price of no less than 9.68 yuan/share, and the total amount of funds to be raised is no more than 410million yuan

a fund manager in Shanghai told that sanlish's main business is the rubber industry. "Pollution exists, and the key depends on how to deal with the three wastes. Although the pollution level is different from that of Jinke energy, as a listed company, environmental protection issues may affect the issuance of additional shares."

it is worth noting that the additional fund-raising project of sanlish is "the acquisition of Lobo rubber and the increase of capital for the new project of 9000 tons of special rubber belt skeleton materials; the new project of 30million am high-performance special transmission V belt production line"

it is understood that at present, sanlish "pollution gate" is still in the rectification stage and has not stopped production. Before the completion of rectification, there are still doubts about whether the additional issuance project of sanlish capacity expansion can be implemented as scheduled

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