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Zhuzhou sanitation workers are worried about the pollution coming again. The ban on foamed tableware was lifted

on February 28, 2012, many box lunch stalls on Fuqing street in Changsha still use foamed tableware, which is banned, resulting in white garbage everywhere

with the earlier partial adjustment of the national development and Reform Commission to the catalogue of guidance for industrial structure adjustment (20111, main specifications: 100kN Edition), disposable foamed plastic tableware (hereinafter referred to as foamed tableware) will return to the market on May 1 this year

are we ready for the return of foaming tableware and the consequent pollution? In this regard, we interviewed cleaners who have dealt with white garbage, businesses that may use foaming tableware, and relevant experts

On the afternoon of April 1, long Heping, an environmental sanitation worker, wandered in the station road section of Zhuzhou City in his charge. Leaves, cigarette butts and betel nuts were swept into the dustpan that long Heping carried with him. It's much better now. It takes several times to fill a dustpan. Long Heping, who began to engage in environmental sanitation work in 1994, has witnessed earth shaking changes in the health situation in Zhuzhou

perhaps for long Heping, with the lifting of the ban on foamed tableware in May this year, she will witness another period of history

once foamed tableware was a nightmare for sanitation workers

for long Heping, an old sanitation worker with 19 years of service, foamed tableware was like a white nightmare mixed with sweat and fatigue

in 1994, long Heping, who was just engaged in environmental sanitation, was assigned to the lushong market group to be responsible for cleaning. At that time, it was the peak period of foaming tableware. Long Heping recalled that at that time, at the end of the day, you could sweep out twenty or thirty cars of white garbage created by foaming tableware. As far as Fuqian road is concerned, you could sweep out several cars

now the longheping workplace has turned to the station road with relatively few people. Slowly, I don't know why it's less. Now it's much easier than before. In the impression of long Heping, there are fewer and fewer white lunch boxes, replaced by areca dregs and cigarette butts

in the eyes of long Heping, the reason for the reduction of white garbage is that there are fewer people. In fact, in 1999, the national development and Reform Commission banned the use of foaming tableware, which played a key role. High temperature characteristic parameters can not meet the index requirements, but

secretly visited some disposable tableware stores, and foamed tableware is still sold

how effective was the previous ban on foamed tableware in Zhuzhou? "Chang Zhu Tan Bao" conducted a small survey, the results showed that although the foam tableware has not disappeared in Zhuzhou, its use has also decreased significantly

in the morning of April 1, go to Shangjia original flavor powder store near Xiyuan Hotel, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City. The owner pointed to the colored paper bowl placed on the shelf behind him and told him that he had never used foaming tableware in the past few years. Near Taishan Road, the owner of another Ruixiang powder store, which has been open for a longer time, also told him that he had not used foaming tableware for several years. Powder protection is rarely used in subgrade restaurants. You can go to fast food restaurants to have a look. They use more lunch boxes than we do. Shangjia original flavor powder shop owner told

then secretly visited a fast-food restaurant called specialty restaurant and a fast-food restaurant called fat steamed restaurant. Both restaurants use disposable tableware called PP environmental friendly lunch box, not foaming tableware

how about the sales of foaming tableware? Visited several farmers' markets in the city. There is no foam to sell, and the quality is not as good as this kind of plastic. The owner of a department store at the entrance of Xiangyun farmers' market in Tianyuan District told me. In the same farmer's market, the owner of the dry goods, seasoning and disposable products store was asked whether there was any disposable tableware sales. The owner took out the plastic tableware he had seen in two fast food restaurants before

there are foam ones, but the quantity you want is too small. You buy Foam ones by box, 600 in a box. Seeing repeated requests to buy foaming tableware, the boss refused. This is also the only one of the more than a dozen shops visited that sell disposable tableware that claims to sell foaming tableware

worry about white pollution coming again

the controversy and concern caused by the lifting of the ban on foaming tableware is whether white pollution will attack again

very worried. Although he has been transferred from the lushong market group, long Heping is still very worried about the news of the resumption of the ban on foaming tableware

according to Zheng Changtian, a sociology professor at Xiangtan University, long Heping's concern is not unreasonable. If the ban has a good effect, then lifting the ban may have the same effect as opening the gate to release water

at present, the average cost of disposable paper bowls widely used in Zhuzhou is 0.125 yuan, and the cost of PP plastic lunch boxes is 0.1125 yuan. Many operators told that once the ban on foaming tableware was lifted, choosing to use foaming tableware can reduce the cost of tableware to less than 0.1 yuan, which does not rule out the possibility of choosing foaming tableware in the future. Many businesses told

Zhuzhou has not fully implemented waste classification at present, and the specific data have not been counted. Consult Zhuzhou Urban Management Bureau about the amount of white garbage such as lunch boxes generated in Zhuzhou in a year, and hejianyue, head of the publicity section of the Bureau, replied. This means that Zhuzhou, like most cities in China, is facing a bottleneck that is difficult to solve in the face of the white waste recycling problem formed by foam lunch boxes. We can only rely on the self-discipline of users to resist the tide of white garbage that may form in the future. Zheng Changtian said that everything will be gradually confirmed in a month

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