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With the fierce competition in the sanitary ware market, "innovation" has become the treasure of Zhendian

nowadays, with the increasingly fierce market competition in the sanitary ware industry, the voice of sanitary ware enterprises about product innovation is also getting higher and higher. In the current sanitary ware market, there are a variety of sanitary ware products. On the one hand, this is the embodiment of sanitary ware enterprises' positive attitude to the market, on the other hand, this innovation also gradually reflects some problems in the current market

they found that lignin from hardwood has the best thermal stability.

sanitary ware product innovation has become the key to reversing the adverse situation of enterprises.

with the development of domestic market economy, the big market environment of domestic sanitary ware industry has changed, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. In recent years, the problem of "homogenization" in the sanitary ware industry has intensified, and the trend of product design plagiarism is also prevalent, which has seriously hindered the normal development of the sanitary ware industry. Facing this series of bad industry phenomena, more and more enterprises begin to think about the problem of "innovation", and innovation has also become a hot word in the household industry such as sanitary ware

for sanitary ware enterprises, innovation is not just verbal, shouting slogans. On the one hand, with the rapid social development, people's material and cultural living standards are improving year by year. People's requirements for sanitary ware products are also changing, and personalized needs are becoming more and more obvious. On the other hand, with the popularity of many marketing hand displacement testing technologies in the tension machine segment, the overall adaptability and rationality of consumers have been greatly improved. The innovation of "concept" may attract consumers for a while, but consumers are not fools. Without practical innovative products, enterprises cannot keep the hearts of consumers

in fact, the innovation of sanitary ware enterprises cannot stay on the surface

the sanitary ware industry belongs to the traditional household building materials industry in China, which has a gene of historical inheritance. Therefore, when making product innovation, sanitary ware enterprises should not be prone to subversion. Innovation is an optimization on the original basis, not a complete subversion. Looking at the current sanitary ware market, how many so-called innovative pieces have been shelved in the enterprise R & D department? How many new products have become a burden that is hard to swallow

for general sanitary ware enterprises, they do not have the capital, cycle, ability and strength of large enterprises to cultivate consumers. Therefore, when making product innovation, enterprises must not play with concepts, and do not treat consumers as fools. Because consumers will only be stupid for a while, but they will not be stupid for a lifetime, not to mention today, when information communication technology is so developed, and we media with a similar circle of friends as the core is highly developed

therefore, in today's society, the gap between sanitary ware enterprises and consumers. 1. The basic information and trust of biomedical materials should be more timely and effective, unless enterprises want to "change places with one shot", but this is not the long-term development of an enterprise, nor the business thinking that an entrepreneur should have

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