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Sanlu repackaged and re entered the food industry

the brand of Sanlu, a dairy company in Hebei, was forced to sell due to the melamine incident, but after five years, the brand reappeared as an organic coarse grain. Recently, Zhejiang Sanlu Industrial Co., Ltd. revealed that it bought the Sanlu trademark in the auction that year. After several years of research and development, 2. The fatigue testing machine can simulate various environmental preparations, and has developed a series of organic straight coarse grain flour, organic quick coarse grain flour, organic coarse grain rice and so on. However, analysts believe that although dairy products are abandoned this time, the prospect of Sanlu brand as food is still not optimistic

Sanlu organic coarse grain appears

as a brand that is spurned by everyone because of food safety problems, can its salted fish turn over and receive the attention of the industry that it can stop conditioning according to the model? At the beginning, we bid for Sanlu trademark because we have a selfishness to protect national brands, a firm belief in doing a good job in food safety, and a conviction that we will be able to produce high-quality domestic food. Zhejiang Sanlu Industrial Co., Ltd. said

at the same time, it also stressed that in the Sanlu incident in Shijiazhuang, the main problem was the quality problem at the source of the supply chain. We will deeply learn from their lessons and implement full process control to ensure food safety. At present, it specializes in organic coarse grain food, and it will not rule out extending to other categories in the future

Beijing Business Daily also saw at the official meeting of Zhejiang Sanlu Industrial Co., Ltd. that the company's current products are mainly organic convenience coarse grain noodles, straight coarse grain noodles, coarse grain grains and other series of organic coarse grain foods, and a number of products with considerable market prospects are in the experimental stage of open melting to generate 3D printing filament hair, and will soon be put into the market

It is understood that Sanlu's reputation was ruined because of the melamine incident that year, and its milk powder business assets were acquired by Sanyuan, and Sanlu's trademark, once regarded as a synonym for toxic milk powder, was finally auctioned publicly. At that time, the media reported that during the auction of part of the bankruptcy property of the former Sanlu Group in 2009, the Sanlu brand and related protective trademarks were auctioned by mysterious buyers in the form of overall packaging, with a transaction price of 7.3 million yuan

although the identity of the buyer was not disclosed at the scene, an insider revealed that he was a businessman from the south. This businessman is our general manager. Sanlu has many trademarks, and the actual packaging price of all trademarks purchased at that time was more than 10 million yuan. Zhu Mingxing, assistant general manager of Zhejiang Sanlu Industrial Co., Ltd., told Beijing business daily

brand stain is the biggest obstacle. TORLON Pai still has superior reliability.

in the view of Jian Aihua, a researcher in the food industry of CIC consulting, Zhejiang entrepreneurs bid for Sanlu trademark mainly because of the scarcity of trademark resources. There are a large number of registered trademarks in China, and fewer and fewer trademarks that are easy to be remembered by consumers. Although the Sanlu brand was destroyed by the food safety incident, it still has a strong popularity. When the shadow of the food safety incident slowly dissipates, the brand value of Sanlu may also slowly appear

on the whole, if Sanlu trademark is still used in the dairy industry, the risk of the enterprise is undoubtedly great, because consumers' bad impression of Sanlu will continue, and the subsequent development of the enterprise is hopeless. If Sanlu jumps out of the food industry and applies it to unrelated industries such as building materials and daily chemicals, its brand effect is almost zero. As for the application of Sanlu trademark to organic food this time, the prospect is not very optimistic. Because consumers who generally choose this product will pay special attention to their own health and product safety, it is not easy for xinsanlu with a melamine tainted hat to win the trust of the market

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