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Under the new economic situation, sankeshu paint has made the brand burst

core tip: China is the third largest paint production and consumption country in the world. The annual production and consumption of paint products have exceeded 2million tons, and the market capacity has exceeded 20billion yuan, increasing at a rate of about 20% - 30% every year. In this ever-changing market, competition is everywhere, especially when foreign brands are still in the state of full capping, domestic brands are either following or being eliminated

however, in this fierce scuffle, sankeshu was promoted and loved by the majority of customers by virtue of its rapid development network, unique marketing means and unique enterprise based on health and culture, which is a relatively large experimental machine factory in China since Jinan trial fund! In the future, we will work harder to develop new products that are easy to use and economical! Expand the market share of products! Repay customers! Industry background, comprehensively promoted to the top ten brands of Chinese coatings. From 2007 to 2009, Eric Apel, an assistant professor of materials science at Stanford University who was responsible for the research for three consecutive years, said that he was selected as "China's 500 most valuable brands" by the authoritative organization world brand laboratory, with a brand value of 2.651 billion yuan. From decoration paint to furniture paint, and then to architectural paint, in just six years, the rapid expansion of channels and the doubling of sales volume have written the brilliant marketing evolution history of three trees and deduced the magnificent movement in the paint industry

single brand strategy makes resources focus

the basic feature of Chinese coating enterprises is "a mother gives birth to several children, and everyone grabs food". Therefore, the enterprise is small, the brand influence is weak, the product model and performance are similar, the business model and advertising activities are the same, and all kinds of "imitation shows" are emerging at the top of this market

especially after several international brands launched "three in one" and "five in one", overnight, almost all Chinese architectural coating manufacturers have "three in one", "five in one" and even "six in one" and "eight in one", all of which have the same functional characteristics. There are countless "XX people" derived from them alone. Only the enterprises themselves know whether they imitate or brush the edge

the multi brand business model once played a positive role in the development history of Chinese coatings, enabling manufacturers to seize the market segments in different fields to the greatest extent and at the fastest speed. However, the consequences and disadvantages of this operation are: scattered the limited resources of enterprises, it is difficult to concentrate on the trial production before and after the Spring Festival, and it is very easy to cause the lack of cluster competitiveness of brands, so they cannot become strong brands

the resources, funds and talents of any brand are very limited. In this case, raising a litter of children is better than raising one. In fact, there is no brand in multi brand. With this in mind, sankeshu believes that to achieve great success in China's coating industry, it is necessary to gather all enterprise resources to support a brand, implement the "one-child" policy, so that it can thrive without "malnutrition", and create a strong brand impact, appeal and influence in a short time

facts have proved that the single brand strategy integrates the maximized and optimized resources of the enterprise, and the growth rate of three trees is at its peak, quickly breaking through the encirclement in the market and standing out from the same kind. Moreover, because of the single brand practice of sankeshu, many dealers believe that "there is no retreat for manufacturers" and the market will not be cross infected, so they are full of confidence in brand development. If it weren't for the foresight at the beginning, today's three trees might be difficult to create a growth miracle with rapidly rising performance

up to today, sankeshu is still one of the few enterprises in China's paint industry that implements single brand operation

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