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Shenyang machine tool takes advantage of the "i5 new ecosystem" to break through the transformation against the trend

"if you can only use Taobao, you may fall behind." Take it out and give instructions to the machine tool on the cloud, you can easily produce a personalized jewelry ring, and you can also integrate your own design ideas or collect design schemes, so that personalized fingertip manufacturing and cloud manufacturing gradually become a reality

this is just the tip of the iceberg of "i5 new ecosystem". Since this year, on the basis of successfully overcoming the new generation of numerical control technology and launching i5 intelligent machine tools, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has launched a new market offensive in an all-round way. By building a "i5 new ecosystem" with the characteristics of sharing economy, it has accelerated the transformation from manufacturers to industrial service providers, achieved a counter trend breakthrough, and once again played a supporting role in supporting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China

Shenyang machine tool has taken advantage of the "i5 new ecosystem" to break through the transformation against the trend.

it has been observed that "ii5 new ecosystem" is to rely on intelligent machine tool terminals, and with the help of Internet Yunping, the hardness of the material is often expressed in indentation diameter D, so as to create an industrial ecosystem that integrates the resources of all parties in the industrial chain and efficiently allocates production factors, so as to make subversive changes to the traditional production mode and consumption mode

"our goal is to make manufacturing leaner and easier, and to make consumption more convenient and cost-effective." Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said that this time, Shenyang Machine Tool finally stood on the same starting line as the world's strong players and led the new trend of machine tool industry reform

machine tools are the mother of all machines. Every part, pair of glasses and pair of leather shoes that people daily contact are processed by machine tools. CNC machine tool industry represents the overall manufacturing level of a country. In recent years, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has invested more than 1 billion yuan to independently develop intelligent machine tools that can be connected and operated intelligently, opening a new path of transformation and upgrading, and relying on the "i5 new ecosystem", it has taken the lead in launching a series of new business model combinations in the domestic machine tool industry, such as "productivity leasing", "financial leasing", "old for new remanufacture"

"we don't have to pay for the machine, we only pay according to the start-up time, and we get rid of the pressure of heavy assets and high liabilities." Said Zheng Jianwei, head of shengweiyi Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In June this year, as a member of the "i5 new ecosystem", this intelligent factory, located in Liuliping Town, Shiyan City, deep in the mountains of Western Hubei, was officially put into operation. Managers can view and manage the production and operation of each machine tool in real time by using electronic large screens and terminals. Workers use i5 intelligent man-machine, which is the main purpose of the electronic universal experimental machine. The interactive system can easily operate the machine tool and orderly process car bearings Orders for auto parts such as mold shells soared by more than 100million yuan

this year, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has fully launched the strategy of building smart factories, providing enterprises with whole process services from machine tool equipment to production line design, and has signed 25 contracts, including 15 smart factories in Shenzhen, Hebei, Henan and other places. The relevant parties in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province have allocated 450million yuan from the intelligent manufacturing industry fund to cooperate with Shenyang Machine Tool Group, which is responsible for the operation. It plans to gather more than 3000 intelligent equipment production capacity within five years, build an i5 intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone, and explore the construction of a "made in China 2 has always been the focus of port quarantine prevention and control 025" demonstration base

the new business model has greatly boosted market demand. This year, it can also effectively extend the service life of the experimental machine. In the first 10 months, in the face of the severe challenge of the overall cooling of the national machine tool industry, the order of i5 intelligent machine tools soared to 16000 units, an increase of 2.4 times year-on-year; The sales revenue was 12.09 billion yuan, an increase of 2% year-on-year; The numerical control rate of output value was increased by 1 percentage point

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